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Care to share your thoughts on housing in Sooke? There’s a survey calling your name! — 4 Comments

  1. The intent of the provincial government’s requirement is to require municipalities to provide factual justification for their estimates for growth (wildly overestimated in the case of Sooke since 2010.) Our District’s response? The same as usual. Ignore hard data and real needs by providing the results of an unscientific, non-verifiable survey that the status quo supporters will complete in droves, possibly multiple times each, the way the traffic and sewer studies are conducted, to the benefit of developers wanting to build what sells at the best profit, using study consultants that are directed by staff to deliberately skew results through the study design itself and narrowly defined parameters.

    Do we have a nice bunch of Councillors this term? Sure we do. Can we trust them to want real facts rather than just an excuse to continue the status quo while pretending to care about us? Or to actually recognize how and why the study is flawed? I think no to the first question for five member of Council. No to the second question for one member of Council. Maybe yes, to the second question only for one member of Council.

    Hard data for a needs assessment can be found in property tax rolls for bare land, Food Bank statistics, Homeless counts, real estate statistics, the number of residents still waiting on the BC Housing registry despite the waste of taxpayer money on the construction of new, COMPLETELY UNAFFORDABLE apartments and housing for people truly in need. I’m sure I could think of more sources – that’s just off the top of my head.

    We are not going to learn anything through the survey the District of Sooke has commissioned. It is a survey of housing (and sewer servicing – they snuck that one in again!) WISHES rather than housing NEEDS.

    When will the majority of Sooke residents wake up and force Council to serve the real needs of all residents and not just the minority of owners of large land parcels, big business (relatively, in Sooke!) and construction-related businesses that are so busy they have to import workers from the Prairies and elsewhere? And how does that help us, really? Temporary workers for a temporary and non self-sustaining industry that places the highest cost in terms of infrastructure tax monies.

    The province has the right idea. Too bad we keep electing Councils that actively suborn and work against right ideas like these.

  2. Also, read the fine print. Your personal information (and they ask for a lot of it – geographical location, home ownership, future plans, sensitive FINANCIAL information, etc. is NOT PROTECTED – it is actively SHARED with foreign countries and corporations! We certainly can trust the District of Sooke to erect more barriers to accessing needed housing than in eliminating them. Do we have anyone on Council or a Mayor who is able to properly direct staff to meet the needs of their constituents and fulfill provincial requirements honestly and with integrity? Not today it seems.

  3. (And Survey Monkey tracks your ISP) Ostensibly that is a good thing to avoid the same person completing multiple surveys but it is too easy to get around to be effective and it is BAD for personal privacy. A Grade of F minus for the District of Sooke.

  4. wondering if the survey is the only tool being used by the company that has been contracted to do this work? a comprehensive report should include numerous sources of information in making conclusions and recommendations.