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Cellular tower erected in the town centre — 39 Comments

  1. I think this tower should be disguised by a totem or fake tree. -Google: Disguised cell towers –
    Maybe it’s not too late, or for future towers?

  2. It’s too late to disguise it. Council could have stipulated in the permit that it issued, that the tower be blended in tastefully (a tree would have made good sense). But it didn’t. And it doesn’t take an eyesore cell tower to know that Council doesn’t care much what Sooke town looks like. Just look around. It’s sad really, for a seaside waterfront community to look that way Sooke looks. There is no rhyme or reason to the town center, at all. In fact, now that I think of it, the cell tower actually blends in perfectly. Bravo to Council..at least they’re consistent.

  3. Glad we got a cell tower, but people are right when they say this lovely seaside town needs a facelift. We could do better. The cell tower looks is the least of our problems.

  4. I am saddened as a newcomer, by the lack of care the council seems to have for Sookes downtown appearance, they have the perfect opportunity to make it a beautiful sea side community, and yet, they add rocks. It looks like a dump, how unfortunate. Perhaps the mayor needs to have a sit down with Mr. Young, he did wonders for Langford (a bit too much IMO, but at least it looks 1000% times better then it used to. With the amount of people swarming into Sooke and buying up all the land, I would like to think they could do better, WAY better. The cell tower is great! but like said already, they could have done a better job at disguising it.

  5. We get pot shops and cell towers without anyone saying anything and everyone being in support of it but if a new store comes in they have to consult the public for 5+ years just to shoot it down.

  6. This town would be lovely with plantings they’d look after, not like the mess in front of Evergreen Mall parking lot. A new addition to the mall part that burned down. The rest of the Mariners Village development including a decent pub for meals on that stunning view. A shoe store, a few clothing stores and places that make us feel we don’t have to go into Langford and Colwood for so much.

  7. I don’t care what people say – that thing is still disguise-able. Hire a local artist to construct a soft mesh like wrapping around it somehow. Put on a contest for all the local artists to start thinking about ideas for it. Throw in a 1500$ bursary towards education to the winning idea – hire a local artist for two months with supplies to complete the project. Make the disguising of it a community activity. My thoughts are a bunch of bent wood pieces swirling around it like waves and have a wood carver put some nice wood fish throughout out and at the bottom of it have a cast iron bear swatting a fish from out of the vertical wave. The white building next to it could have the one wall closest to it muralized too to blend in with it. … just ask an artist.

  8. Interesting that everyone is commenting on how this cell tower looks so ugly in the middle of town (agreed), but there is not yet any questioning about its safety. I imagine that Telus guaranteed council (if it was brought up at all) that the RF radiation emitting from this tower poses no danger to those nearby. But we should, by now, have an inkling that corporate guarantees are valid……until something goes horribly askew. In fact there are many non-corporate funded studies showing that spending a significant number of hours a week near a cell tower is detrimental to many aspects of one’s health. If you are working or living within 100-200 meters of this tower, some of the most consistently noticeable health effects are: fatigue, headaches, sleep disruption and difficulty concentrating. They are also associated with cardiac events and cancer. Here is a fairly comprehensive 3 page pdf: electromagnetichealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Cell-tower-studies-re-cancer.pdf

    • I wonder if a couple of pretend logger guys climbing the tower with ropes and spurs and not toques…?

  9. I’m curious if those commenting about the dangers of this, are doing so from their cell phones?

    • Lol! I’m sure 90% of them are. And they are the same ones who complain when their calls get dropped or emails won’t load quick enough due to poor cell coverage.

      And are listening to the RF powered radio stations, using wifi in theor homes or at Mcdonalds etc.