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Ceremonial shovels break ground for the Mckenzie Interchange — 3 Comments

  1. Way overdue…should have been done long ago…like when the #1 route was on the drawing board first time…now a lot of $$$$$ . Better late than never thank goodness.

  2. It’s actually less time to ride your bike on the Goose from the park and ride by the 6 mile into down town Victoria (Bay street bridge area) as it is to sit in rush hour traffic. Did it a few times this summer and depending how well their plans go, or don’t go, I may make that ride a bit more often!

  3. Everyone knows you can’t build your way out of congestion. This interchange will quickly create new choke points and worse congestion. What this region needs is much improved public transit, starting with the shoulder bus lanes to the West Shore the BC Liberals promised “soon” in 2008. I went to the Transit Commission meeting yesterday, and it seems that the northbound bus lane to McKenzie could be completed before the interchange construction even starts! If it can be done so quickly, why not go all the way to the 6-Mile pub with bus lanes on both sides before (or even instead of) disrupting traffic with interchange construction.