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Chamber of Commerce breaks from the District of Sooke — 4 Comments

  1. Moving forward without the invisible puppet strings of the DOS finance committee can only be viewed as a positive step. Good news for Sooke business and residents.

  2. Sooke really does seem to be shrinking down… soon there will be nothing left but an office and a bunch of councillors. Maybe we should just cancel the next election and send everyone at the District office home.

  3. I am shocked that the Chamber would voluntarily turn away economic development funding through the fee for service agreement with the DoS (which accounts for half of the Chambers operating requirements), citing that they do not feel they can appropriately handle economic development responsibilities for the community, while also citing the successes they have had in promoting economic development through their past initiatives. Sounds more like the current President Kerry Cavers hasn’t got a clue how to run an organization or provide tangible value to the members of the Chamber and has simply abandoned the hard work done by the leaders before her in this 68(?) year old organization due to her own incompetencies. This is further exemplified by the failures of 2out of the 4 local initiatives that she tried to make a go of during the past year she has been Preaident (Sooke car lot and salmon festival). The golf Tournie and Santa parade have been successful for many years, but of course were driven to success by past Presidents and Boards.
    What a shame..,,a disgrace actually!

  4. I would say if their efforts to promote the town went as well as the Sunday Car Lot…Sooke has saved itself a cool 28 thousand dollars. As Charlie would say “WINNING”