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CHEK News covers the nine arrests at Shawnigan Lake, on Tues Dec 22 — 5 Comments

  1. In 2009 the MOE classified the Shawnigan aquifer as “Class A –HIGHLY VULNERABLE to surface contamination. And yet Mary POLAK (MOE) and Bill Bennet (MOEM) and the EAB –ALL chose to ignore that classification and the MOE science, which can be found on the Ministry of Environment website! You can read that…Class A aquifers are HIGHLY VULNERABLE TO CONTAMINATION FROM SURFACE SOURCES. They have little natural protection against contamination introduced at the ground surface. Existing land uses or future additional developments, which may introduce a contaminant to the land surface, should initiate measures to protect against introducing contaminants. A aquifers should be given FIRST PRIORTY for the IMPLEMENTATION OF QUALITY PROTECTION MEASURES.” Shawnigan residents are NOT a bunch of NIMBY activists! We are STANDING UP FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR AQUIFER & WATERSHED! Please STOP SHOOTING THE MESSENGERS who are trying to make the public understand this situation clearly! Obviously these permits, issued to SIA/CHH have NOTHING to do with the science and EVERYTHING to do with the $$. READ the 2012 LOWEN report! READ the recent THURBER report! Both can be found on the SRA website. And truckers…you and the companies you work for and PCT are helping TO POISON OUR CLASS A AQUIFER! with the ocean dredgings from Port Moody! SALT WATER IS TOXIC IN A FRESH WATER ENVIRONMENT!!

  2. It won’t be too soon to get rid of the Liberal Government!! How can they allow toxic dumping near our drinking water!! The whole Victoria GVRD should be protesting! Sooke lake is at risk ,,,,