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Chestnuts can be roasted on the open fire, unless they are Horse Chestnuts (poisonous) — 19 Comments

  1. I lived on one of only a few streets in Victoria that had true chestnut trees. They are wonderful, messy, productive and delicious, in so many ways. I would encourage council to not plant Horse Chestnuts. They are pretty in the spring but a bit of a hassle.

  2. I just want to say that all of Germany is basically FULL of horse chestnut trees. Personally, growing up there, I haven’t heard of a single case of children or dogs attempting to eat them.

    On the contrary, the chestnut seeds are an integral part of “kid culture”. Many families (and day cares) go collecting them in fall, and traditionally make little stick figures, dogs, giraffes etc. out of them with tooth picks, draw on them, make jewellery etc. It’s considered kid-friendly. Like, everybody does it.

    In my family, giving each other the year’s first, fresh, shiny horse chestnut as a gift is considered a great sign of love.

    Before moving to BC, I never lived further than a few meters from the next, huge, horse chestnut tree, and I have ZERO safety concerns. 🙂

    The issue of chestnut trees being bear attractants is a different one. Of course, trees with edible chestnuts would be bear attractants, too. As are all of our backyard vegetable patches. In an area filled with blackberry bushes, I don’t know if a handful of new trees make a difference at all.

  3. Why would you plant these when the edible type of chestnuts could be there instead? Both of the trees look similar but edible chestnuts taste great. If you are going to plant a messy tree like chestnuts, you’d think you’d want to at least plant the useful kind?
    We have horse chestnuts on our property I’d like to cut down as they are messy and useless, and they do attract bears.

  4. We have one in our back yard. The deer have never eaten the fruit the casing is sharp and prickly and only when it drops in the fall does the casing open.
    Apparently people use the seeds /fruit to deter spiders in the house.

  5. Great, encouraging wildlife in a downtown public area. That simply wont work. Best to either get consumable product trees, or plants. FYI I use horse chestnuts every year to prevent spiders coming into the house. I just know it works from years of doing this, however, putting them where animals and kids and adults do not consume them has come down to bagging them in cloth bags and hanging the bag in appropriate places.