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Closed walkway behind Sooke’s Home Hardware — 35 Comments

    • It does make a difference especially if you are lugging bags of groceries and kids I find the home hardware walkway very narrow and the parking lot is often busy

      • Yeah I have the same problem, the last thing I want to do is bump into someone with my grocery bags, I usually carry a lot of weight in them too. sigh, guess I’m going to have to get a bike.. and helmet, and worry about the tires and all that crap a bike needs.. I’m a minimalist guy. I’d rather just have a way out of the western foods parking lot, what about left of the path towards wadams way, I know it looks pretty shady there and I see a lot of bums trolling around there, but if I could pay a small passing-toll of a couple bananas to them I would be happy to.

  1. I think Home Hardware just increased their foot traffic through their plants section in front of the store – intentional or not? hmmm…

    • regardless of it being intentional is it even a good idea? are people actually going to start buying things because they suddenly realize they’re staring at products with price tags? are people really that mindless? wait..yeah they are…and there’s a hot dog vendor right there… CONSPIRACYYYY

      seriously though, maybe homehardware should take the wirecutters off the shelf for a few days while all this cools down. 😉

  2. I was very upset the other day! I use that walk way daily as I walk to work and back it saves me a lot of time cutting through that walkway!

  3. Sad to see that they couldn’t leave 2 feet for people to walk through. It might not be a problem for some…but there are days that I cannot walk far…now I have to sometimes drive to get to the Plaza.

  4. I really hope that this can be reversed. No more riding there with my 6 year old!

  5. Why do they owe an explanation? They are trying to run their store, to utilize their area, for their needs. If they pay rent for that space, and helps their business, then they are entitled.

  6. I hope it gets re-opened. My son’s before and after school care used this pathway frequently during the school year. It’s safe for groups of children and just generally more pedestrian friendly than the main route along Sooke road. I see it as a connector pathway and it would be lovely to have more of these pathways open throughout Sooke.

    • Yeah! I would really love to see Sooke more pedestrian friendly. Not saying it isn’t, but think about all the older people that live here. They’re getting older and less mobile, some need scooters, but some do fine without them, If an elderly person could scoot around Sooke safely they wouldn’t even THINK about driving, but if we’re all to put up no tresspassing signs, and line fences to the exact edge of the property then people are going to have to take the main streets, filling them up (Sooke is growing pretty fast as far as I’m aware) and taking the car for a 3 minute ride to western foods filling up that roundabout! I’m not picking on homehardware here, I just think it would be a good idea to be able to walk about Sooke. Take Wadams Way for example, I think Sooke did a great job with that, it’s very easy for me to get to the Sooke farmers market and takes a lot of walking out of my trip, not to mention the further away from Sooke Road I am the safer, more relaxed I am. 🙂

    • wow, that really sucks. Just bringing a vehicle around the corner gives you a thousand chances to cause damage or injury to someone or something. Where do you get the vehicle, does Subway just use some employees vehicle, or does the manager use hers? is that even proper business practice? what about the autoinsurance, I bet they wouldn’t be happy. I’m not trying to be a stickler here, I’m actually kind of curious(as a newbie businessperson)

  7. Most people need more exercise anyway, really no big loss adds two minutes to walk around . Its their land they can do what they want with it.

    • It’s not about exercise, and it’s more than two minutes, then again on the way back with 2 big bags of groceries on my shoulders. I get a lot of exercise walking up and down ladders all day at work.

  8. My kids and I were sad to see the route blocked. I walk and they ride their bikes. Now we have to walk around home hardware which makes me a bit on edge at times when it’s very busy. I worry my kids will run into someone or someone will run into them. It was a safer route the other way as we avoided a lot of traffic

  9. Yeah exactly, I’m sure home hardware doesn’t exactly want a bunch of miffed people walking right past their customers and taking up space. I SWEAR it’s all just a conspiracy to get people walking past the hot dog vendor. well too bad I don’t eat unhealthy food, it’s just an insult to my senses walking by

    • Hot Dog Vendor — Smokies lad — Smokies — next time just close your eyes, plug your nose, put your fingers in your ears as far as possible, shut down all of your senses and enter through the rear entrance — that should solve your problem !

  10. This path has been used forever and for the amount of space gained by Home Hardware, it leads me to believe there is more to this story than has been told at this point. Perhaps their insurance provider raised concern about possible liability issues. It would be interesting to hear their logic behind the decision.

  11. Ya, what is it with Sooke people and cutting through peoples yards? When lots are divided and built on Council has the ability to plan for pathways and sidewalks. In the past some of the plans have included public access. Lately council has approved the sale of some of these lands without consideration for future use. There are private lots through out Sooke that have become illegal pathways, just like the Hardware one. I know people on Townsend and Otter Pt. where they find people passing through their yards constantly.

    • That’s not even the same thing Mr Wimp. This was a route they provided, not one people made.

  12. The whining about this is a bit ridiculous. If it was your property and people were using it as a short cut, then you decided you wanted to fence it and use it – does it matter if others feel entitled to it? No.
    Be happy it was available to use for so long, and get used to using the new sidewalk out front. No, you don’t have to cut through the parking lot, it’s a “parking lot”! Would you teach your kids to cut through a parking lot? Or teach them to use the sidewalk?
    Be sensible. If it takes you a few more minutes, so be it! Adjust your schedule accordingly. If you don’t like carrying your groceries, get a cart, wagon or take a vehicle.
    Just because you’ve gotten used to using it, doesn’t make it yours.

  13. I was surprised when I found a locked gate this wednesday . I enjoy going to the library then walking through to the Evergreen Mall, beats driving from the library turning right on Sooke Rd then going around the roundabout and turning right again. I hope Evergreen Mall reopens this path used by many in Sooke.

  14. This is the first I heard of it! I will find things more difficult, as I’m getting old and recovering from a sprained ankle.