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Closing act: Sooke Council narrowly passes OCP amendment — 3 Comments

  1. Special favours for friends of councillors & staff!! More of the same !! Too bad councillor Reay is leaving, she sounds like the smartest person at the table.

  2. yes it was painful. When you look at it, council is changing the laws to allow an illegal and dangerous business to keep operating. I wish they had waited for the next council to make this decision.
    Not surprised it was Pearson, Burger and Kasper pushing for it. Surprised Mayor Tait voted for it.
    Can’t imagine how bad it will get if Haldane and Doni Eve gets in there too.
    Laws are there to keep the order. We have just gone over to the Dark Side.
    Maybe when the Welding company comes to the new Council next time they will be shut down.

  3. As mayor and Council love do push everything though before there time is out not listen to anyone from the public and with that am talking about one family that thinks they run this town