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Commission invites people to chart the path to $15-an-hour minimum wage — 2 Comments

  1. There’s a great example of what happens to a company when they pay “fair, livable” wages.

    A couple Tim Horton locations in Canada are located in hospitals. A Tim Horton franchise in Canada, in a good locations, is usually considered a license to print money. They are incredibly profitable. A large hospital is an outstanding location.

    A couple hospitals required the franchise to pay workers the hospital’s union wages, of around $22/hr plus benefits. The result? Those locations LOST 1/4 to 1/2 a million dollars per YEAR, despite limited open hours and very high sales volumes. The hospitals subsidized the losses.

    So, who’s willing to pay $5 for a regular (not specialty) coffee? Or would you go next door to the store that’s paying minimum wage and buy a $2 coffee? If you say you will buy that $5 coffee, will you continue to buy it every day?