Darth Vader may be raising money for the food bank this weekend

Screenshot from the video on the IndiGoGo fundraiser site. Click the image to go there.

Article: “Can you help Carey Newman get to Ottawa?”

Photo from the GoFundMe campaign page

Article: “Local talent show winner looking to live his dream”

Article: Fundraiser for Hannah Day

Article: Fundraiser for Hannah Day


Article: Sooke Angels

List of Current and past fundraisers

Tips for success

Here are some articles that might help in developing crowdsource funding campaigns

This page is dedicated for fundraisers focusing on Sooke residents. One of the key determinants of a successful fundraising campaign is exposure. While we cannot give worldwide leads, Sooke PocketNews can help out with local exposure. I would request that all readers treat requests with kindness. If you support them, fund them; if you don’t quietly move on. The intent of those who set up the campaigns is grounded in the spirit of generosity and genuine need.

Thank you,
Britt Santowski