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Condos coming to Maple Avenue South — 9 Comments

  1. Water front apartments with private gym and underground parking (and potentially boardwalk extension and access). At least the developer didn’t try to pass them off as affordable housing just to get approval.

  2. More condos,more people, more cars but no plans for infrastructure, streets, sidewalks? and as usual just talk about highway 14.

  3. $13,500 for the affordable housing fund? Is that supposed to be a meaningful amount? Ah….perhaps you accidentally left a zero out.

  4. Some $600,000+ condos coming to a niegbourhood near you…how can council approve this when they don’t even know if it is feasable yet? Sewers, building plans, parking, environmental and archeological studies…the cart before the horse again!

  5. Hopefully the boardwalk is extended, 200 square feet of retail space is tiny. I think the developer of the project has done some homework to determine if it’s feasible.

  6. Why is Council approving multi-level construction on the Harbour side of Sooke Rd?

    Among the many assets of Sooke, the best is the beautiful harbour and mountain vistas. A 5 five storey condo building will again, similar to ‘Mariner’s Village’ (built 1-2 stories too high) block the great views of the harbour and Olympic mountains.

    Council should impose a height limit on construction harbour side, or at the very least, ensure views are taken into account in the planning and development.

    A long term vision for the development of Sooke (consider Qualicum Beach) needs to be mapped out to protect/enhance/promote such assets vice banking on the short term gain of tax revenue.

  7. You definitely can’t buy newly built waterfront in Victoria’s Inner Harbour for $600K. Excited to see Sooke grow and develop.