Bottom line

  • Community matters.
  • Family matters.
  • People matter.
  • The environment matters.

Our values

  1. First, we value our reader, as you are the reason we exist.
  2. Second, we value our staff, as you are the reason we have readers.
  3. Third, we value our advertisers, as you are the ones who make all of this financially possible.

Our promises

1. To our reader

We know you can get national and international news elsewhere. We will bring you top quality news that is relevant to you and your community. This stuff is so comprehensive and so local you will not find it elsewhere.

If there’s anything you want to see on our pages, let us know. We will find a way to make it happen.

2. To our staff

You are a member of our community, which means that you are very important to us. We put a lot of emphasis in trust and integrity, and we live by them as well.

3. To our advertisers

We will help you reach our community. We are responsive, to the minute. If there is a typo in your ad, or if information needs to be adjusted NOW, someone will be there to do it for you. 24/7/365.

Our Beliefs:

On unions

Unions should not have to exist. That they do, speaks to the failure of employers and businesses to adequately provide for their biggest asset, the employees. When employees seek to unionize, it is really their last attempt to stay with said employer. We hope that we will never need a union to provide for a fair work environment. Having been there (fired for looking into starting a union), we will never fire any employee(s) for exploring a relationship with a union. Unions are supposed to close the divide between employee and employer, and if we need a union to achieve a better working relationship, so be it, welcome aboard.

On work experience

  1. Employers should not be looking for employees that fit perfectly into a job description. A job that does not offer growth is (honestly) a job not worth having. An employee doing in a job they deem not worth having is not a motivated employee.
  2. We encourage applications from people whose work experience may include at-home parenting, as we appreciate the strengths that this all-too-often under-appreciated role offers. Skills developed at home often include things like advocating, networking, initiating, collaborating, long- and short-term planning, big picture thinking, small picture getting-things-done, and oh! so much more. Do not hesitate to include this all-important work on your CV!

On Horrid Employers

Surprisingly, we do believe that there is some value in awful employers. They inspire, albeit through adversity. For instance, employees of  horrid employers might leave (or, get fired) and move from being held-ransom-at-mediocre to creating something really fabulous, say, like And for that, we thank you.