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Controversial licence rescinded, business owner to appeal — 10 Comments

  1. I do not understand ” half reporting “. Name the business or don’t bother half telling a story. Obviously it is a matter of public record at council, U are only wasting our time reading this with no business or location in the article so this article I rate an ” F “

    • Shawn Wallace, I choose not to identify the business because the issue is not the business but the politics around it. I have explained this from the get-go. By publishing the business name, I risk having it appear on a Google search by someone who legitimately wants to contract that business, and then having this series of articles adversely impacting their decision to contract that company. That is not a desired outcome. The face of news has changed with the forever-ness of the Internet. With this particular story, elected politicians are to be held account, and they are named. You will notice I also do not name the staff.

      If you are so eager to know the name of the business, ALL you have to do is click the link in the article that goes to the report. It really is that easy.

      -Britt / SPN.

    • I agree I would not want to see the business negatively impacted so I stand corrected ,,, obviously the business does have support or they simply would no longer be in business & the last thing we want to do is make staying in business any harder than it already is. Thank U Britt

    • The business, [name deleted by SPN] was clearly stated in the report linked in the article.

  2. I did not write the article, but this is more an issue about local governance, than it is about a person or a business. Council needs to govern, period.

  3. I would hope that all Sooke residents remember this come election time, time for old councillors who ignore the rules to be gone – are you listening Mr. Kasper?

    • I know Mr. Kasper likes to posture and take credit as a politician in social media and mainstream media, when it’s politically favourable to him, so I look forward to hearing his comments in social media defending his position and actions.

  4. Hear hear. We would all like to hear all Council members that voted for this favouritism to please explain their actions. The arrogance in handling these type of issues is getting out of hand. Councillor Kasper is a loose cannon and the weaker councillors are submitting to his will.
    Please have some personal integrity and vote no once in a while.
    I wish there was a process to take these issues of bad governance to a committee and have the Councillors brought to account.

  5. Yeah, if it is a matter of public record and you are choosing not to state it, what kind of news is this? “Something happened in Sooke, no film at 11” is a silly way to present the news. Just my opinion, but it seems other readers agree. Who What When Where Why is the news…not what when sometimes Y.