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Cougar alert for Whiffin Spit and area — 39 Comments

  1. I think we need to give our heads a shake…there are cougars and bears everywhere all the time…we live in their forest! Quit reporting sightings and leave them alone or more will be killed…maybe the people be shot and removed!!!

  2. Please note this Alert is for a TAGGED Cougar. The Behavior of this Cougar is not usual. This cougar was relocated and has travelled a long way. This is an unusual situation . This is a safety ALERT.
    Yes Cougars and bears are everywhere… But this cougar is a concern to CO’s
    If you see this tagged cougar please call

  3. My cats are in a safe catio or screened in overhead outdoor enclosure, but a big cat could still get in by jumping over the wire overhead, but hopefully my cats would run into the house as that would be freaky for them & I close the pet door with cats inside at night. I am aware all year round for bears & cougars. I don’t want them harmed by me being part of the reason. I love knowing they are here, along with the deer, raccoons, etc.