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Council expresses discomfort with the usage of the term, “affordable housing” — 7 Comments

  1. Compared to a 2 bedroom for $2200 or a 1 bedroom for $1100 in Victoria Sooke is affordable. The entire Island has gone up in price for rentals, even out the way small communities such as Shirley or Ladysmith has high rental prices. Address the real issue in the room, Air B&B which has over 200 short term vacation rentals available in Sooke, while the listings for long term rentals is about 20 at this very moment. I am looking for a new place to rent and sad that I might have to leave this beautiful community for there is no rental units available.

  2. Councillor Pearson. What planet are you living on? The solution for affordable housing isn’t to just build houses!
    I know you have to say that you have to trust the private sector because of your construction friends so you can get their votes. Maybe you could talk to them and make a deal where low income people could buy a new house.
    This has become the most dysfunctional Council. It would be nice to see an issue involving the residents that you could find a solution for.
    Admit it, you need help. Get the public Committees back! Or join Councillor Reay and don’t run next year.

  3. The reality is that not every person will ever be able to buy a house unless they move to a less expensive community. The measures that would have to happen to make this an affordable community is a full on economic crash. That would effect people’s retirement funds, s?ings, employment, and standard living. This is known commonly as a depression. Is that what people are wishing for?