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Council opts for “non-concurrence” stance to Industry Canada re cell tower at 5154 Sooke Rd — 7 Comments

  1. just wondering why Councillor Reay had to ask why the application was in front of her when the other 47 were not when in fact she was part of the process to prove them?? Was she away that day? Maybe she lost her homework.
    So are they now looking to put it in Councillor Reay’s back yard? I’ll bet she would turn that one down.

  2. If it is the “ugliness” of structure that “really” bothers people, then I would like to propose the construction of a tall sculpture that incorporates the cell features into the top section of the sculpture. Why not create something that is stunning.
    After all: Who in there right might would want an ugly tower in their neighbourhood? It would bring down their property value for sure. We have created sculptures for several cities and we would be happy to design something that would become an iconic structure and contribute to Sooke’s reputation for being a progressive and special place. We would be happy to discuss this with those concerned.
    Deryk Houston – Victoria BC Canada

    • The ugliness or beauty of the structure is not what is in question. There are health and safety concerns and a tremendous loss of real estate value There is also the question of need. We don’t need another tower, especially here. Our cell phone service is excellent and to foist this tower on am entire community that clearly don’t want it is obscene. How dare they come into our community and try to erect this monstrosity? Would you want this in your front yard? Don’t make light of this. It is serious and unwanted and unneeded.

  3. I say put it up, we are all surrounded by cell waves, radio waves, and many other kinds of information transmission waves. It’s just a part of life nowadays, maybe not put one up in the middle of a school playground but the 5100 block of Sooke Rd, why not? People complain about the spotty cell service out hear and then when someone wants to work on that, everyone freaks out and says it’s bad for our health….. can’t please everyone.

    • This current cell phone service is excellent. How dare you say they should just put it up on Sooke Road? You don’t know anything about where it is to go or what it would be like. I will be happy to pass your name along to the cell phone company and tell them that you want it in your front yard. Why say these generalized things without researching what you are saying?