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Council to discuss a second roundabout on Sooke Rd — 35 Comments

    • Shirty drivers who cannot figure out a roundabout shouldn’t be on the road… they should start suspending licenses to those that are in able to navigate them.

  1. Sure a traffic circle caused the backup but let’s put in another one! Go to Langford! they don’t fix traffic unless you teach people how to use the damb things!

  2. April fools or not – another round about at Edward Milne Road and Sooke road by the proposed new Timmy’s makes perfect sense to me – whether or not it is April first.

  3. I guess this is a good time to apologize to all you other drivers. I’m the guy who gets into the roundabout and stays there for a long while. I miss the rides at the PNE since moving here, so I enjoy going around and around. I especially apologize to the people who’ve seen me throw up.

  4. Oh jeez…..no thank you…the traffic circle we have is already a nightmare….traffic backs up down the hill to the lights past the castle……sooner see lights…..and who gives a rats was about the tourists that visit 3 to 4 months of the year….what about the actual people that have to deal with the messes the council makes of our little town….the locals are the ones that should friggin matter not what they think the tourists might like

    • OK the traffic backs up down the hill because of the light at Church Rd. There is never a back up at the round a bout.
      The idea from Councillor Logins is stupid! Why bring all the traffic to the school? We want to keep it away from the school kids walking in the area. They should block off the road by Tim Hortons and just have the traffic Circle at Sooke Rvr RD. And Councillor Kasper who thinks there are 23 people living up there, probably has never driven up there. Hundreds of people live up Sooke Rvr Rd. not counting the playing fields and the Girl Guide camps and the school. Residents are locked in every morning and afternoon when school starts and stops.

  5. Love the circles, traffic flows so much better. Wish they’d replace ALL the lights with circles as well as River road. Slows people down from driving too fast yet allows heavy traffic to flow and prevents T-bone accidents. Worried about EMCS kids? Traffic circles. That strip in front (hwy part not road) is a speed way. Circle at river road another at the new timmys would stop all that. Safer for all.

  6. If people put a fraction of the effort they spend on complaining into something constructive we’d be living in that future of flying cars by now and wouldn’t have to worry about traffic circles!

  7. HARD NO on the piped in music..but yes, lights and flora would be delightful. After witnessing the incredible performance of the Sooke Center Roundabout, honestly its working better than I ever thought it may, I would think that a Roundabout at the Sooke and River Roads intersection is a fantastic idea. As a patron of a lot of SOoke businesses, I can tell you that it will help the tough left turn from the Red Roof Inn liquor store and chinese food and marijuana shop complex if those patrons are trying to return to Sooke Center to do more shopping. You simply turn right, do the roundabout and head back to SOoke. Love It.

    I do however think that a third Roundabout at the Timmies can wait a year or two for that complex to come to fruition, or perhaps roll some of the costs of the roundabout there into the permits to build the timmies? Just spitballing there…but I am pro second roundabout for sure and okay with even a third one. Seems to do the trick nicely for Sooke’s needs and without putting up horrid ugly posts and lights. We are Free Range Sookites after all and lights and posts mar the view.

  8. My 2 bits:

    Isn’t the area around Kaltasin/Parklands and in front of Saseenos a ‘high crash area’? We gotta contend with that corner one of these days….maybe a long term plan for a new main entrance for Saseenos, instead of onto a ‘highway’ with no proper ‘school zone’ speed limit.

    Ebony’s suggestion of a roundabout where the new Tim Hortons will be is not a good idea. It would become the new Sooke River rd access, and Edward Milne rd would be a new super-busy thoroughfare!
    Would only work if it was a second roundabout, AFTER one at Sooke River rd was built.

    My suggestion:
    A middle lane from Parklands to the bridge, set up as a two-way left turn lane. (Even with a few planter box median things to make it look pretty.) This would give easier access for Saseenos, and for ALL the roads in the area!
    Works great in other places (ie. Esquimalt)!

  9. I personally don’t care about the ‘inconvenience’ of traffic backups ……people are too anxious and impatient to get where they are going nowadays anyways! (Luxton to Petro Canada in Sooke takes 20 min at 60 km/h, ‘rush hour’ adds, what, 5 or 10 more minutes?).

    The safety of our roads (good lines, lights, sensible intersections, enforced school zone limits, eliminating drunk driving, etc) , is paramount.
    The rest is all fluff!

  10. Ok…so if this is an April Fools joke you got me. However, I love the darn thing we already have and would for sure welcome one at Sooke Lake Rd so bring it on!!

  11. The real joke here is attempting to make a joke out of an actual quality idea. Roundabouts *increase* traffic flow, reduce accidents, and significantly reduce the severity of accidents compared to a traditional intersection at the same location. Just because some folks don’t understand them doesn’t mean they aren’t a good idea. They’ve been heavily used in all the new road construction along the Westshore parkway….studies all over the world have found them to be safer and more efficient than an intersection with stop lights.

    Frankly, it’s disappointing for SPN to feed off the general ignorance and negative attitude towards roundabouts in an attempt to rile people up and create more negativity towards them, propagating yet more ignorance around their use. But hey……anything for a prank. #aprilfools

    • Having driven in Australia where traffic lights are rare, and the focus is more on roundabouts I can honestly say our city planners are idiots for not using them more. They’re quicker, safer, more fuel efficient as you’re not burning fuel stopped still at a light for 30 seconds. Not to mention a slow roundabout is still quicker than a moderate to fast light. And without people stopped they put less focus on their phone and pay attention. The only good reasons for lights is for major intersections, space savings (since roundabouts take up slightly more space), and for pedestrian crossings. While you all sit here making jokes about roundabouts the rest of the modern world that uses them is laughing at your stupidity while they breeze through proper, efficient traffic.

  12. Probably a little bit too close to ‘reality’ for people to laugh at (except for Bev!)!

    April 1, 1991, Sooke Mirror front page had a front page story about a new sky-train planned for Sooke to Langford along the old train track! People believed it….even me at first! Lol!