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Council to receive report that chastises Council for granting a business licence — 4 Comments

  1. “This whole conversation, as it turns out, was a big wolfish waft of wasted wind, as legal non-conforming did not apply.” You go Britt! Interesting way to put that:)

  2. I recommend Council NOT accept this staff report. Quite simply, the report is inadequate and must be sent back to staff for further work. I disagree with Britt that shortcomings in the report include a failure to address the “why and how… of staff action” as this is not the appropriate forum. Perhaps an in-camera meeting can address staff shortcomings along the lines of: ignorance (didn’t know better and therefore further training required), negligence (didn’t care and therefore disciplinary action required), or collusion (didn’t think they’d get caught and therefore termination is appropriate). The obvious inadequacy of the report is however the failure to present options and/or make recommendations to Council on how to address the underlying situation. Merely to chastise Council and recind the improperly granted business licence avoids the major issue at hand. The problem is that Council, staff, and the public are now quite aware that the applicant is in clear violation of several zoning bylaws and business licencing requirements and has been for some time. Are staff going to be left to continue to fumble this problem as they have in past or will they get direction from Council? We pay the CAO a healthy salary. We should expect better. This staff report adds little value as it fails to materially address the question of “so what?” Send it back to staff for completion.

  3. So truly we the people need to see a tribunal where each member involved in this fiasco is asked to answer for their decisions and statements. The applicant should explain why he lied to the District.
    As stated above they should apologize for not making themselves aware of the protocol involving licences. How can all these Councillors and Staff be so wrong? Some of these Councillors have had the job for many years and they have been doing it wrong all along! They should resign!
    We want the property in question to be held to account and all welding business materials removed ASAP.