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COVID-19 rapid tests for people 70+ to be available at pharmacies — 2 Comments

  1. What a disorganized roll out of everything from cannabis to vaccines it’s been in our province, and now it’s the Rapid Test Kit boondoggle today. The Heath Ministry’s PSA ON TV announces (word for word) EVERYONE WILL HAVE TEST KITS STARTING FRIDAY. Not. Today it’s 70 yrs+, thank you that’s me , but did they tell you select pharmacies only, or only 100 per pharmacy, or how long we’d wait for the next batch? Most pharmacies couldn’t even request their 100 until today though they’ve been needed for the past year! Necessary in schools, but also for those undergoing treatments, for newborn parents, folks waiting for surgery, or to bid farewell to a loved one.
    Politics has no place in healthcare but sadly under Mr Horgan’s government it does. Whether it’s the sad situation on our streets because of the the lack of addiction and mental health treatment services, or the laughable rollout of cannabis to recreational users only (medical dispensaries were shut down, sorry), a vax booking program that crashed and couldn’t keep up, contact tracing that went sideways, bulk rapid tests expiring in a warehouse, dying seniors in care homes because of unvaxxed staff, … and now we have ruffled 70+’s driving desperately pharmacy to pharmacy for their dwindling golden ticket, er, test. And public service announcements with half truths and high expectations.
    If I had been the boss overseeing this lack of foresight, disorganization and gross incompetence, a whole whack of bureaucrats, starting with Bill Blair and Adrian Dix would be looking for work.