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Cowichan watershed-protection community celebrates victory — 12 Comments

  1. Great report, thanks Britt. A huge victory for the people of Shawnigan Lake. It’s about time the BC govt gets serious about protecting our drinking water in BC.

  2. A great precedent however the fight to protect their watershed is not over so for everyone supporting the folks in Shawnigan I hope you will continue to help them kick this company out once and for all. Ironic this ruling came down on Water Protection Day. This shows how important it is NOT TO GIVE UP fighting for what is right. This company is violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Congratulations!

  3. Ecstatic over the decision and a sigh of relief that we can get on with our lives again. Unless Mary and Christy pull something else out of their “bag”?. This government has done so much harm to our province. Thank you for your report and the details of the decision for everyone to read. I like #126. they pay costs. Best yet. !

  4. To start with, the contents of the fill were NOT toxic. Why can’t these articles be written by educated people that understand the differences? And if Shawnigan Lake Residents Ass. thinks that soil with sulphur and salt water are so bad, why haven’t they, in the 40+ years I have been aware of the situation, cleaned up their own polutants along the shoreline? Cleaning up local effluent seems to be a major issue that politician after politician ignores, and has done for over half a century in Island communities.

  5. Oh look it’s the creepy Toxic troll westcoastshrinknyx or is it Pat Crayfish? Go away loser, find a new challenge, maybe do something useful for society for a change. Creep..

  6. Great Reporting and Thanks so much for posting the details of the Ruling! You’ve got more detail and more interesting human content than our own Cowichan paper.

  7. Thanks Britt. I wont comment on Westcstsyrnx Pat creighton of Port Moody other than I think it’s sad you have to post on sooke news. It is you than needs to educated.

    This battle isn’t over and this decision is now in appeal. Here is something that directs to Sooke. Shawnigan Creek like Jack brooks hatchery has an established salmon enhacement program with years of history. Despite what you believe for or against imagine if this same project were located next to Jack brooks. The uproar within Sooke would be enormous.

    Even though people go on it it’s safe what happens if something does fail. Imagine the years of work to help salmon stocks down the drain. Ultimately impacted sport fishing within our communities. We all just can’t take that risk.

    Shawnigan Creek is extremely important coho habitat. The project was built in 1979 with a run of up to 5000 fish. That’s a pretty substantial run equal to Sooke.

    I also encourage yourself Britt to read up more on this as its an equal component of this fight as well as water. Not only must we protect water but our salmon are equally important. Sooke and other areas with salmon enhacement projects must pay attention to what is going on Shawnigan Lake.