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CRD and T’sou-ke First Nation Form Partnership for Leech Water Supply Access — 6 Comments

    • Cowichan Lake is the second largest lake on Vancouver Island, with a surface area of
      6,204 ha. Cowichan Lake provides drinking water
      to the Town of Lake Cowichan, the Cowichan Valley Regional District,
      and here are numerous domestic drinking water
      licenses for both Cowichan Lake and the Cowichan River. Catalyst Paper Crofton
      Division has a weir at the east end of the lake. The lake water levels are controlled to
      ensure sufficient flows for the low flow fisheries period in late summer/early fall downstream in Cowichan River. The Cowichan watershed supports an abundance and diversity of both anadromous and resident salmonids that is unrivalled on Vancouver Island. Cowichan
      Lake also provides significant recreational opportunities (fishing, swimming, camping and boating)and wildlife habitat. Yet, for some reason, the CRD here wants to deny ANY access by anyone to an area that is not even part of the current reservoir? People should be upset. The example above is not in isolation. There are hundreds of watersheds across North America that serve as both a source of drinking water and recreational access.

  1. The public access was cut off in order to restore the area and expand the drinking water supply area, sounds completely reasonable. The nation has negotiated access for traditional and ceremonial purposes, by a relatively small group of respectful individuals. The article has also stated that a system will likely be established that will allow use by the public in groups, so long as they apply for and receive a permit. Sounds like a great way to monitor, protect, maintain and restore these lands.