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Current (acting) mayor slaps the wrists of social media at last night’s Council meeting — 12 Comments

  1. “I’m quite at a loss that after four years of serving as a Councillor that all of a sudden my integrity has been called into question on social media. Is it personal? Is it political? ” It was your actions. You can’t talk about the important stuff because the law doesn’t allow you to. Fine. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, or was ethical.

  2. i like social media, it reminds me of when i used to live in New Westminster and yearly the Royal City Record would post how many employees of city hall were making over 100 grand a year, at last count it was over 115, none of them elected people.

  3. Wow! Whilst the cat is away the mice will play indeed!

    If the citizens of Sooke are rising up and reacting in the manner they are, via public social media sites, and online news media websites (by way of comments to letters and news items) then something has to be fundamentally wrong with council and their recent actions.

    It’s no good suggesting misinformation on social media is the cause of all this, and no wrong doing has been made, when Sooke residents consider moral and ethical trust has been broken!
    Judging by media and social media comments, what appears to be coming to the fore is there is a no longer any confidence in the way current council and acting mayor Kerrie Raey are carrying out their duties.

    I sense that the original author of the statement above is frustrated by the fact that social media and online news media exist at all! These social media sites could be seen as devils of the modern political world. They are places in cyberspace where, would you believe it, the public can actually offer an opinion outside council meeting without having to pamper to legal council stating what can and can’t be discussed at council meetings due to certain bylaws! Thankfully social media and online news media allows the public to raise topics and debate them out-with council meetings and therefore not subject to any by-laws restricting what topics can or can’t be raised.

    Have concerned citizens have been bringing topics up at council meetings that the current council feel uneasy debating? If so, I consider this recent ’legal consultation and clarification of by-laws’ a cheap shot in trying to shut down rising dissent from members of the public.

    If the acting Mayor, Kerrie Raey, has to make a statement, such as the one above, then to me that is a sign that she is aware of how council has been caught failing the public during the extended absence of the elected Mayor, Mayor Tait.

    If the current acting Mayor and council had been doing their job, without any perceived underhanded tactics, then they would not feel the need to defend themselves in such a manner.

    I’m sure many are looking forward to the return of Mayor Tait and hopefully some semblance of normality returning to council under her ‘elected’ stewardship.

  4. I am pleased that an ‘online news publications’ such as SPN, is here in the Sooke region to keep the citizens informed via a balanced honest portrayal of local events and news.

    SPN – Keep up the good work!

  5. if social media actually had wrists, they’d be attached to hands with carpal tunnel syndrome.

  6. Everyone, these are our political masters and they are playing a great political game – they have us talking about social media rather than the original questions we all have to political transparency and democracy – few are questioning whether changes were or were not necessary – I am questioning how much of our hard earned tax money is being spent and how temporary is citizen Joseph?; there are no national security questions here and all should be openly discussed – for the sake of democracy…

    stop talking about the slap from citizen Reay, she has been in politics man years and knows how to play it, and social media discuss the original topics and don’t stop until we get answers on them, don’t let them control the agenda

  7. “The Internet is the First Thing that Humanity Has Built that Humanity Doesn’t Understand, the Largest Experiment in Anarchy We Have Ever Had”
    -Eric Schmidt, former CEO, Google

    Most governments are threatened by the internet and the platform of free speech it enables. Many have or are trying to regulate, curtail and censor it. Nothing new here.

    Reminds me of the most famous internet quote of all times:

    “The ‘Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” -John Gilmore, Co-Founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation Perhaps the most important organization of our time https://www.eff.org/

    The 21 most important social media sites and aps are found here:

    Source: Social Media Today

    Go to it, citizens of Sooke. May your voices be heard in the free territory of cyberspace.

  8. What Councillour Reay doesn’t seem to understand is that is not her many years of civil service as a government employee, or her previous four years on council that are being scrutinized. It is her tendency to flip flop on issues (ex: vote to cut arts funding, then Backpeddle and change your mind due to public pressure), as well as her lack of transparency in the advocating to have her buddy be shortlisted and hired as Sooke’s new CAO that have people questioning Councillour Reay’s integrity and ethicacy.

  9. years dedicated to civil service does not a good civil servant make. thank the gods for social media in an environment of persistently restricted public input. Woe is she who feels so personally slighted…?!? What’s that universal Newtonian law thingy again? oh ya: action-reaction – “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…the force exerted by object 1 upon object 2 is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force exerted by object 2 upon object 1.” Take note Keary…and toughen up.

  10. Local politicians like Reay need to be investigated. There’s too much smoke and mirrors. The continual reference to so-called “privacy” laws is a tiresome canard used relentlessly when politicians don’t want people to know how they are spending public money. Something smells rotten here, and without transparency there is no accountability. Looking forward to sending her packing.