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Dear Caterina: We love each other but can’t communicate — 2 Comments

  1. Men and women do communicate differently, and nature itself is responsible. Men express their thoughts while utilizing logic with sometimes problem-solving. Women communicate their ideas while using their highly tuned emotions. Men are direct communicators, while women are indirect communicators. Why? Reasoning yields an immediate response while emotional feelings yield an indirect one.

    How many times have you heard a man complain about a woman saying one thing when she meant another? How many times have you listened to a woman complain how insensitive he’s being? Why the variation in communication, even though, both sexes can speak the same language?

    Men and women are not instinctually nor biologically equal because they are opposite partners. As opposite partners, their communication would be different. The key to remember is that a woman can benefit from a man’s verbal logic, just as much as a man will benefit from a woman’s verbal emotions.

    Communication between the sexes is a combination of logic and emotion. Which at times causes confusion between the two sexes. If we take the time to learn how we communicate differently, then we can fully understand one another with no misunderstandings or confusion.