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Despair and suicidal feelings deepen as pandemic wears on — 1 Comment

  1. So what the hell did the health experts expect? We are social beings? More people dying of drug overdoses and suicides,heart attacks and other poor health issues than of covid flu. Cases are just that. Cases. Yes, unfortunately some people with compromised health issues are not making it thru this horrible flu,but the majority cases have benign symptoms if any and carry on.look at recovery stats you have posted.it feels like chicken little ,the sky is falling. Mostly I believe, people are respectful when ill and stay away from those vulnerable or even not vulnerable. Is you are sick stay home. If you are well,be grateful and carry about your business. It has been noted also,that folks who fall ill to this virus have low vitamin D. It was discovered in the 50’s that we in the Northern hemisphere lacked vitamin D,due to lack of sunshine. So we were administered cod liver oil in those says and babies are to be given vitamin D .
    Instead the message was to stay at home,parks closed and people made to feel guilty by sneaking out to a park.our bodies know what we need to survive.we need good food,sunshine and exercise and above all to be around family and friends for our social well being. Let’s talk not dictate from yop down.