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Developing a Destination Framework Project for Downtown Sooke: Summary Report — 10 Comments

  1. I think that the idea of creating “a walkable and bike-friendly downtown” would do wonders for both the residents of Sooke, and any visitors. By connecting the Galloping Goose to downtown Sooke, you also create a great touring destination for cyclists.

  2. i sure hope council takes this seriously… sooke has been on the precipice of extreme awesomeness for so many years, held back primarily by a lack of vision. finally i can feel some progress on this.

  3. These are very exciting ideas. There is nothing like a great public market area to draw in people. Something like Granville market in Vancouver. Fish, heaps of produce, lots of great food vendors, weaved in with crafts of all kinds and creative arts.
    The roundabout is a good start. I would have liked to have seen more trees and a sense of more garden space. Maybe that will come. I just hope that the existing centre is not ignored …….it should be tied in with the new ideas and areas as well.
    Of course Sooke already is a very special place already!
    And it is a great place to invest in.

  4. Love the Aqabus – you could hike and explore in East Sooke – Take the aqua bus back for a nice dinner or appies and beer in the brew pub. Sooke is a beautiful town but needs show more of what they have and make the treasures more accessible. Would like to see a medical centre with trauma unit . Would be nice to see a public Marina with boat rentals. But love the plan and concepts.