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All local restaurants (that we know of!):

And, yes, we have our fast food stations too, including

  • A&W – 6660 Sooke Road
  • McDonalds – 6661 Sooke Road
  • Subway – Evergreen Centre, 6660 Sooke Road

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Dining — 5 Comments

  1. We just went to Hara Sushis soft opening tonight, and it is fantastic!!
    The menu is extensive, the prices are fair, peaceful atmosphere, excellent service, and, oh, soooo good!

    It is authentic Japanese sushi, not the Asian-fusion that some places offer.

    Hara Sushi is a very welcome addition to our dining scene and I know we already vow to be regulars!

  2. My husband and I had dinner at Hara Sushi the following day and we enjoyed it very much. The restaurant is nicely designed and very clean, the sushi chef is clearly a master. My husband and I ordered 2 dishes plus some sushi which we shared, and it was so nice that his broth and my sauce were completely different from each other. The only concern I have is the source of the fish and seafood used there. Only the salmon is listed on their menu as “wild”, and even though we asked twice, it was difficult to find out if all of the fish and seafood is Ocean Wise certified, local, and wild. If future customers find out please share this info!! Thank you.

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