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Distracted driving results in more deaths in B.C. than impaired driving — 4 Comments

  1. Which results in more motorcyclists being crushed by cars in rear enders. A compelling reason why motorcycle filtering should be legalised to help save lives on the road.

    • Then you might need to read up on it a bit more.
      Its pretty simple really. If a bike is at the back of a traffic lineup and gets rear ended, the chances are the rider will be crushed to death between two vehicles. If the rider is not at the back of the line there is no chance they will be rear ended by a distracted driver.
      With the increase in distracted driving related accidents, and more rear end crashes as a result, where do you see the statistics going?

      Filtering will be legalised as, not only does it save lives, but it also helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand can’t all be wrong by allowing it. In fact Australia recently legalised it because it helps rider safety. California also. More US states are looking into it.
      BC, and other provinces, should also be doing the same.

      Anyone, car drivers or otherwise, care to put a case forward against saving motorcyclists lives and reducing traffic congestion at the same time?