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District closes stairway to boardwalk — 8 Comments

  1. Hopefully itll actually get fixed well instead of just throwing in extra boards to cover holes like they did after the land slide that closed it last time.. :/

    • It’s absolutely stunning more kids weren’t hurt. That’s a scary memory some of those kids will have for a while. Unreal that it happened. Why did it happen? I hope someone has to explain that!

  2. Well if this isn’t typical I don’t know what is. Close it down rather than fix it now. Yep sometime in the future it might get done. This access was used by many, taxpayers and tourists it needs to be a priority!

  3. I know that money is tight, but the bridge at 6800 Grant Road has been broken for almost 100 days with a giant rock pillar sitting right in the creek that the bridge was meant to “protect”..and I heard the same thing from town hall staffers: “We have bids open on the repair work but it might be some time before it is done”. I am a Tait fan, but this lack of upkeep and maintenance just has to end. Start taxing the old iddy biddy old lady committee and everyone else that has a large size chunk of land in Sooke and get some money in to do these routine maintaining jobs.

  4. It is the public servants that need replacing by the way not the elected ones who have to try to work with the hired ones that never got a vote from anyone.