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District hiring dilemma: Ignore Council directive, or direct-appoint $460K contract — 27 Comments

  1. I don’t really see the controversy or conspiracy here that SPN seems to be detecting.

    The biggest thing of note here is that they seem to be collecting applications for a job that may not be available and that the applications are being vetted by the person who already has the job. This is a waste of everyone’s time. If there is no job, they shouldn’t mislead people. Very bad HR practice.

    • Who exactly is running the District? Sounds to me like it’s the CAO. So why do we even bother to have elected officials? I feel this should be a cause for great concern amongst those who vote in this town.

  2. Sullivan hired a friend from Edmonton to a job that was not posted locally she just appointed him and if you look at his history he really doesn’t have a whole lot of experience. Council had a meeting about the position when Sullivan had brought it up and they voted for it to be an intern position as she convinced him that that’s what it would be however the contract says nothing about interim his job is secure. The posting is just a ruse he can’t be let go it really depends on the wording of the contract and we should be asking for that. High paying jobs appointed to friends and colleagues not posted

  3. Yesterday’s bin Fiasco shows just how little Council knows what she’s doing because of the sooke district involvement the schools have lost a major fundraising effort

  4. I have real concerns as to the direction this current group of administrators seems to be taking. Patronage appointments, uncertainty at most every major move etc. Is this just a case of inexperienced, uninformed, wrongly-informed wannabes or is there any merit to their respective credentials and lack of ability to take Sooke in the positive direction required for it’s citezens ?

  5. Melvis – the point is that the position is overpaid (avg for the same position is 99k, plus we pay 100% benefits rather than the usual 80%, plus 6 weeks off) and that as it is posted and Gabi Joseph is passed his probation which may indeed cost the Sooke taxpayers a considerable amount of money, as per his contract…I will have an update on Sooke Council Watchdogs later in the day on this matter…because of the dates on GJ’s contract there is not even a clear start date (it is signed Jan 24 yet labelled Feb 1) which has invited intrique….

    • Mark – just curious where you got the number of 99k? My research shows that municipal directors on Vancouver Island typically make over 100k (including the same position in Colwood).

  6. Does anyone else wonder why a potential applicant for the position is the person that all applicants should send their resume to? Don’t they worry about conflict of interest at town hall.

  7. Ok now this is the shadiest thing I have ever heard!!! This individual is a Contractor in no way should his position been rolled into a permanent position until he was elected. The people that have applied for this position could have been more qualified for this roll and should been interviewed and selected accordingly. It sounds like someone in the District of Sooke needs to read up on a Contract position and Permanent position!!!! If you are a Contractor you have an end date to your Contract there is no probationary period because this person does not hold a Staff position. A probationary period is based on personal performance and if the person does not meet this requirement they can be let go without penalty. On another note a person that is a Contractor cannot select or interview for a position they hold it is a huge conflict of interest!!!! When is the District of Sooke going to learn how this system works instead of making things up as they go along and hiring their friends to help them earn 460,000.00 over a 4 yr term????. I am not blaming the individual that has the job now but in my mind Sooke should do the proper thing and interview for the position properly and hire the more qualified person if this means paying out a severance to the current position holder that severance would be a lot less than 460,000.00 as it is based on 1 months wages for every year worked. Come on District of Sooke get your act together and start looking like you know what you are doing as this is ridiculous!!!!

  8. Sleep well folks,while knowing that the CAO will also be hiring our new fire chief.

  9. And the DoS sham continues under the dubious control tactics of Kasper, Reay and Sullivan. Mayor Tait, please step-up-to-the-plate on behalf of the citizens who had voted for you. You are quickly losing the confidence of those who put their faith into you as a strong leader. PLEASE TAKE DECISIVE ACTION NOW!!!

  10. my dad told me 50 years ago there is to much government in this country, did this guy mortgage his house to get this job, as did the fire chief mortgage his house for a new truck, why are us local joes sucking wind, government pays big time

    • That’s what a CAO does.
      That’s her job.
      CAO’s are hired not voted for.
      There, 3 things you didn’t know, feel free to share.

  11. Nay Saying the rocks, got the school fundraiser closed down long before it should have been, Hired this gentleman from edmonton no job posting and no interview she just appointed him. She did say in the minutes that I listened to she wanted to appoint him short term and convince counsel one member was like are your sure, she then signed a contract with him that is binding he either works the four years or if he is let go it will cost the District a lot of money.

    • “Nay saying the rocks”? Are you really that dim? It was the pot plants. The school fundraiser that went out of control? The bozos that left propane tanks there and the bin that wasn’t emptied are two good reasons it should have been shut down, and it was. About time.

  12. and I wonder how much of this stuff goes on everywhere that we just don’t ever hear or know about…good for you for exposing it to all. I read about this months ago in the minutes of sooke council…interesting to see how it all goes

  13. I think we need a new POLL.. who thinks CAO Sullivan is doing a good job and is worth the money she is getting from the taxpayers of Sooke?

  14. Let’s get it straight here: The Mayor is the CEO and the CAO reports directly to the Mayor.

    There is nothing that the CAO is doing without checking the Mayor first. She has her full permission. This is not the matter of the CAO running wild in the Municipal Hall. The Mayor is the CEO of the District, and this is stated on the Municipal website as well.

    The Mayor was on thee hiring committee, remember. She hired he CAO. In my opinion, from watching what has gone on here, the Mayor clearly knew the CAO before the job was ever posted.

    The patronage system is at work. The job posts are all fake. No one is leaving their posts, including Gabe from Edmonton.

    The District will do nothing to change. We’ll continue to see the same until the next election. It may be annoying to them that the citizens and taxpayers of Sooke are complaining about their practices of patronage, but they don’t care. The only way to change this is to vote out the Mayor and Council in the next election — 3 years from now more or less.