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District of Sooke grants improper business licence, violates its own zoning — 8 Comments

  1. How about we let the business owner run his business ..that they have been doing and paying taxes and employing people since long ago ..how about we leave the red tape bullshit behind …if sooke can look past all the back door dealings that let sunriver proceed out of ALR.. I’m sure we can let a local business owner continue to do business

    • Oh ya, the District of Sooke is all about the red tape. A real business has a hard time getting anything processed through the District office. The fact that the welding shop got a license in one day indicates the office is being Driven by something else. You can’t just start up a business like welding and car repair on RU3 property. If you can, hey, I’ve got a Driver’s license and a welding machine and a welding license and I’ve been here for years. I can get more if I sell as a business. The idea that I won’t even need the Fire Dept. to Drive down and inspect it is absurd. Would like to see their fire protection plan as the property in question is right on the public Galloping Goose trail. I hope if they blow up they don’t wreck the trail. To maintain a welding certificate you have to upgrade every 2 years. Wonder if they have done that? Not to mention the WCB inspections.
      Time for the public to demand some answers. I’m shocked that all councillors and Mayor went along with this illegal plan.

  2. There may be a couple avenues of recourse:

    If any activity covered by the business license negatively impacts neighbours or natural areas, the business (and the District) could be sued.

    City planners and staff who are members of a professional association can be the subject of complaints to that associations. Evidence of incompetence or corruption can be sent to the association and forwarded to city council and senior planners.

    Neither of these scenarios is likely to change anything in this case.

  3. Wow, Britt! Heavy stuff! I read your story three times to make sure I understood.

    I see a very interesting situation: old school and new school Sooke politicians working together to make things easy on a semi-old Sooke business, by digging out a loophole in the rules.

    I’m guessing they will get both ‘yays’ and ‘boos’ from all sorts of different types of people.

  4. Honestly. I hope there is a candidate or two in the next municipal election who can think for him/her self and will do their homework rather than just be swept along by folks who are expert at sounding like they know what they are doing whilst pulling wool over everyone’s eyes.

    Good to see some real journalism. Thanks, Britt.

  5. Kasper the professional politician and his sidekick Kevin pearson ( the wanna be Mayor) should be asked the question, Would either of them support the industriial welding, used car sales, steel fabricating and sales, car wrecking yard storage, sandblasting, spray painting, and motor cycle sales complex ad nausium , if it was located next door to their or their neighbors residence. LOL. And shame on the both of them.