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District of Sooke got this right: SPN made a mistake. And for that, we apologize — 14 Comments

  1. Based on the comments I read from others and my own reading of it, I can understand how you were mistaken on this point. Not that Mayor Maja’s letter wasn’t well written but I do believe I added my own emotion to the content her letter. Thank you for your brave editorial.

  2. “Freedom of expression is subject to the statements being true and constructive”…
    Really? Humm section 2 b says “(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;” we have the freedom of thought and belief. if one believes the statement to be true then….
    No surprise to me that District council do not have a grasp on the constitution, it seems most civic politicians haven’t a clue or value the charter nor do they truly grasp that it’s purpose is to limit government and not people. *In my Opinion*

  3. You show great courage in retraction and I respect that and you for what you have said! But let’s move on and I hope this doesn’t deter you from doing the job you love and this community needs you! Keep up the amazing work you do, you are very much appreciated!!!

  4. Keep up the amazing work you do. I think that the Sooke Pocket News is the best!
    When I read your apology, I couldn’t help being reminded of the apology scene in “The Fish Called Wanda” where John Cleese was hanging upside down out the window:)
    Anyway. You do a great job and you have the community and it’s respect behind you.

  5. A couple of comments from the past
    Winston Churchill- Properly informed !!!! Trust the people.
    We try to be informed, but have been denied the basic access to agenda for PUBLIC meeting, unless we pay the $.50 cents a page for agenda, package quoted at a mere $179. for the last agenda by the corporate director, although the same agenda printed by Sooke Copy Center would have been $36.Never the less, the agenda is part of the budget and has been provided under the budget , since incorporation. We didn’t hear or see any evidence by council decision to eliminate printed agendas. Yes we can access via internet wifi provided in the chambers, but we ( I ) like many others like to write notes and flip back and forth with the council on the paper agenda, not waiting for loading etc and I don’t do well with that type of process. We should after all continue to have the choice. If this process is to block access to agendas and input or to limit, it certainly limiting. Not everyone has access to internet or is savy on it.
    We have a right to hear every side of the equation and all the information and make our own decision. Britt has worked diligently to give out what she believes to be true and correct information. If someone can prove otherwise, then do so. She obviously has the fortitude to step back and say, oops, wrong info and apologize. We only wish our politicians would be so wise as to be properly informed and when not informed, not vote, and apologize for any error they may have made in judgement or otherwise, and CORRECT the wrong.
    I truly believe in FRee Speech. In the words of the late D.H.Christie, “We should have the freedom to seek the truth and then to speak the truth which we believe”. In a free and democratic system we need to seek and speak our truth . If others disagree with our belief , then they are able to debate and discuss their opinions with others. I believe that this news service, is providing that opportunity. As long as we fight the fight in a lawful manner and sometimes, yes , we have trouble respecting some members as they have shown deceitful traits and actions in the past and we as the public should be wary and question. It is our due diligence and our right to question and seek the truth in every situation, especially where it involves the public purse and integrity of our municipal, provincial, crd or federal policies and government. We cannot and should not wait for the poles to change direction. We need to be the watchdogs of our governments as they are subject to corruption in this country the same and even more so as any other country as Canadians have become so complacent as to believe we are better than all those other nations. I applaud the work which Britt has done and the opportunity she has provided for free speech.
    Ellen Lewers

    • The full agenda is on the Sooke website, download and print it yourself. This is the age of paperless, as is the forum on which you posted your comment.