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District of Sooke quietly hosts Special Meeting — 19 Comments

  1. What the … does this mean? “We can always try to control him later,” Sullivan added. Anyway, given the varied urban/rural/wildland that Sooke encompasses, I hardly think it’s fair we compare Sooke to Colwood. Oh, so many questions…

  2. So now we lose a trained first responder and gain another administrator who doesn’t even live here for up to 5 months. ???

    And we have no access to info on when these kind if meetings take place.

    Thanks SPN for the update so we now know we will be 1 less first responder in an event of fire or accident, geesh 🙁

  3. Just curious, why does the assistant fire chief, Matthew Barney, fire fighters, Cameron Norris-Jones and Christopher McCrea, get paid more than fire chief, Sorenson? Am I missing something?

    • Chief Sorenson was not and is not a member if the IAFF International Association of Firefighters due to the classification of ‘management’. If the paid firefighters were offered to take the position of Fire Chief they would need to take a large cut in pay and an even larger need of responsibility and then be in the centre of and under the scrutiny of, the District’s magnifying glass.

  4. I would hope that we would look for a fire chief among our current fire fighters since they will be the ones that actually know Sooke and who have worked hard to keep us safe. This need our current council has to go outside Sooke to fill essential positions is worrisome and feels disrespectful to the people who have been doing an exceptional job in keeping the people of Sooke safe.

  5. Thanks again SPN for this release of information. I read it in its entirety and there was certainly a few sentences that stood out. The first was “He has signed a retirement letter and a letter of confidentiality…” Is that the same as a putting a gag order on someone to prevent them from sharing what happens behind closed doors?

    The other sentence that jumps out is “We can always try to control him later.” Perhaps Mr. Cameron should get a copy of this news release to better understand what he may be stepping into as perceived by that statement.

  6. strange about the confidentiality and with an upcoming audit just around the corner…….

    Britt – how many staff in total are paid over 100k by us?

  7. How can we have a Fire Chief that doesn’t even live in Sooke? That should have been a condition — interim or not — or someone from the inside should have been hired. What a sham. Also, what is with the secret meetings Sooke is holding now? They are clearly violating the Community Charter. What can we the people do to hold them accountable?

  8. Not only have we lost another first responder. We have lost the best I have ever seen. As Incident Commander Chief Sorenson (in my opinion) as I’ve stood at his side and personally seen his professionalism and expertise. He has lead his crew(s) and attack teams concerned with the possibility of rescue, fire attack and protecting surrounding plus, when it’s including mutual aide from surrounding departments, additional radio control for the safety and protection of all. In my opinion, we have lost a great hero of Sooke! There is a lot said here, at this time however …. there is a lot that is not been said as well. Push came to shove.

  9. 1st, I Would repeat every word Kel Phair has expressed!
    2nd, I cannot help but ask what influence and authority the CAO has in this matter.
    Furthermore, I am certain that I am not the only member of our community who has reached the point of outrage that this seemingly self-imposed person has on political decisions, large or small.
    Like Kel, I could go on but this is no longer the forum.

  10. Back to my first comment on Aug. 6th regarding the CAO’s “we can always try and control him later”. It makes one (who doesn’t regularly follow Council’s activities) wonder. I am starting to (in my opinion) think that maybe this mentality has been meted out with the exodus of other members of Sooke District and Council. ‘In my opinion’ – it makes one wonder if the fire chief retired on his own terms or got very tired of trying to be controlled. Hmmmm?

  11. OMG people, can we please get the facts right before the witch hunt! Listen to the video, at approx 7:52, the CAO says “cajole” NOT “control” him!! That is a HUGE error in reporting and others not fact checking. Public discussion and debate has to be based in facts not inflammatory fantasy! Our community is better than that!

  12. Sheesh Pat – I have listened more than once to the video because I didn’t believe what I was hearing in the first place. Now reading your response – I listened four more times- and I still hear “control”. Now I do hear where it could be cajole. That being the case – I looked up the exact meaning of that word and found – “to persuade someone to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery” or another wording was “to persuade someone to do something or to give you something by making promises or saying nice things.” So that being said – my last sentence from Aug 8th post could read “In my opinion – it makes one wonder if the fire chief retired on his own terms or got very tired of trying to be ‘cajoled'”. Hmmm. All my opinion from a bystander looking in. To be controlled or cajoled – that is the question.

  13. Pat – the facts remain exactly the same based upon the word cajole, so before you jump up and down at everyone, and before you defend the lack of transparency and over-reaching behaviour from our over-priced pair, know that some people take the time to research and try to get the full information, which is usually thwarted and delayed these days by the paid staff and the council too! Some people go to council meetings and watch them on the feed if busy too. Feel free to pm me so we can meet whereby which i will elucidate you on all the attempts made to garner the full story on how are tax money is being spent and how public opinion has been curtailed so to call this a democracy at this point is somewhat absurd! Your attacks on the public while dismissing all actions and renumeration of public servants is very interesting, keep it coming!

    I believe in proper democracy where the people run their town rather than the other way, sorry we disagree on that, Pat!

    • Mark – I simply want facts, not stories. I would call anyone, public or staff, out for not reporting the truth. If something is being thwarted as you say by staff, then I would like to know what it is and see proof of it. I don’t recall dismissing any actions of our public servants, and I haven’t attacked any member of the public, I have simply asked that we discuss facts. I also believe in democracy, which must be evidence based, and which I would welcome to see. You can certainly PM if you have evidence of wrong doing.