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District of Sooke’s Statement of Financial Information is now available — 3 Comments

  1. No Disclosure of CAO’s salary

    The District is legally obligated to disclose all salaries over $75,000 in the SOFI. The former CAO’s salary is disclosed in the document, which is $149,555 (annual salary).

    The new CAO, according to the District’s website, started on the 14th of December 2016. See the release from the District here: http://sooke.ca/districtnews/district-hires-new-cao/

    However, her salary is not disclosed in SOFI. It seems that KPMG missed this crucial component. Was this disclosure legal?

    • I believe the rule is that the municipality is legally obligated to disclose “salary payments” greater that $75,000 in the fiscal year. Since the new CAO did not start until a couple weeks before the end of the year, one would assume that the amount paid to her in 2015 was less than $75,000. Certainly all the annual reports that I have been involved with state what has been spent in the particular fiscal year the report deals with, not what the budget for the next year is going to be.

      Now, we will see if Mark has success with his FOI request.

  2. Colin, a few weeks ago i put a foi request in for both CAO (Teri) and her cohort (Gabi) contracts and resumes….i will post what i receive on Sooke Council Watchdogs on facebook then…:)…i have also requested what the average benefits package we pay per employee too.

    I believe what we pay for the size of town we are is ludicrous, considering the thousands of people that commute every day and can and would do those jobs for less than what we pay presently……150k for anyone here feels like robbery!