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District’s Annual Report receives scathing review from local watchdog — 4 Comments

    • It would seem that way wouldn’t it? But you should pay attention to what she sheds light on. Gail Hall has been an advocate on this communities behalf for many many years. Her perspective is more often than not spot on.

  1. “Regular Council meeting attendees (those who stay to the bitter end) are now whittled down to media and one or (on a good day) two regulars.” It looks like Mayor and Council did achieve something they desired albeit sad in reality.

  2. Yes, staff and council has been a disappointment over the last year. Yes, the round about looks and works well but there is sooo much more that Sooke relies on our government for. Councillor Reay has reported that she will not run again. I hope to hear that more council members will follow that trend and we can get on with looking for viable replacements. We only wish we could vote the CAO and other staff out as well.

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