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Distrock of Sooke Leaves No Stone Unturned! — 25 Comments

    • Are you saying this quote by Kevin Laird of the Mirror is false? “We don’t know who’s doing it,” she said.

      But the rocks will soon find a new home.

      “We’ll leave them for now, but we will be moving them somewhere else. We’re not sure where yet,” Sullivan said.

      “It’s not that we are not appreciative of their efforts, but it’s not a look we want in our town core.”

  1. The quote is “We’ll leave them for now, but we will be moving them somewhere else. We’re not sure where yet,” Sullivan said.Was she talking about the pot plants? cuz that would be really inappropriate. Seems to me like the only things she could have been talking about were the rocks. But if this is not the case I wish we knew what she was talking about. Or did she say something that was her personal opinion and not representative of council. Here is the original article: http://www.sookenewsmirror.com/news/388294331.html The whole thing is still clear as mud (unfortunately this lack of transparity seems to be a pattern these days in Sooke)

    • Diane Wilson yes it appears so. I can understand council members not getting too into things on social media as that can also be a can of worms but it is nice to at least have a comment from one of them. I guess the ball is in the sooke mirrors court since they were the ones who did the alleged mis/out of context quote. It’d be nice to hear what they have to say

  2. I do love the one.. ‘Brick Kasper’ how appropriate. Any similarity to any councillor in Sooke is purely coincidental. Good sense of humour!

  3. Mayor Tait has now corrected/retracted her CAO comments by saying: we encourage both residents and visitors alike to get creative and paint a stone. Guess the CAO should not try and be so “rock hard”..regarding our artist abilities here in Sooke. Would this be a lesson learned..don’t ROCK our boat here in Sooke.

  4. Forgot to add ..what a huge imagination on the Council Rock…that is way to hilarious! Good Stuff! Great laugh to start the weekend!

  5. Thrilled to see Ebony getting involved in the big issues…what amazes me is the mass reaction of the citizenry to this issue but not to the serious ones…a boulder out of a pebble…