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Disturbance, threats on BC Transit in Sooke ends in arrest — 4 Comments

    • Unfortunately it’s comments like this that perpetuate the misinformation around mental illness. I know you are trying to make a joke however it is inappropriate in this instance.

  1. We need to have care facilities and resources for mental health,here in Sooke. Police resources are being used ie,police at the hospital for several hours,to deal with situations which are not criminal but mental issues. When will government get their heads around mental health as a treatable disease and put resources towards help,healing and seeking reasons around the mental health if it be drug/alcohol use,fetal alcohol syndromes or head injuries or abusive situations and treat each case as a medical Case.
    Japan is a good example to look into for starters but I’m sure there are other countries we can look to.
    We need the political will to bring about the change.

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