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Linda Green Abraham, Ilona Anderson, Keith Baldwin, Carolyn Bateman, Jeff Bateman, Ian Backlund, Jewel Black, David Bloom, Jill Bone, John Boquist, Heike  Brinkschulte, James Brisco, Chris Bryant, Edward Carlson, Ettie Catto, Alanda Carver, Lynda Chambers, Margaret Coles, Jean Conway, Beth Cougler Blom, Yvonne Court, Margaret Critchlow, Marcelyne Cross, Vivienne Curutchet, Lorna Danylchuk, Rosanne Day, Meredith DeGroat, Loretta Deutscher, Aline Doiron, Laura Dowhy, Jason Dixon, Angela Dorsey, Rachel Dyer, David Evans (The Stick), Jennifer Filgate, Simon Foster, Gaynor Gauthier, Sherri Gillanders, Linda Gordon, Meredith Groat, Gunatita Hastings, Micheal Hayward, Susan Healey, Cassie Hepburn, Ralph Hull, N Houchin, Stewart Jack, Carol Hurst, J Jackson, Lorna Jacobson, Sandy Javis, Rosemary Jorna, Benjamin Kendrick, Diane Kent, Marleen Kiral, Clive Kitchener, Denyse Koo, Miriam Lambert, Cheryl Larcombe, Becky Lawrence, Bev Lewis, Donna Levesque, Betsy Lockwood, Bjorn Lodding, Donna Lomas, Margaret Longdale, Carol Mallett, Jeremy Newell, Julie McDermaid, John Nunn, Julie Nunn, Jim Perkins, Scott Miller, Laurel Lee Mayo, Ben Molesky, Linda Mooney, Moonfist, Erin Morrell, Linda Nehra, Helena Nelson, Wendy O’Connor, Frederique Philip, Heather Phillips, Jo Phillips, Jill Phipps, Karen Pumphrey, Sandy Reber, Mick Rhodes, Lori Rittaler, Brian Rundle, Corinne Saad, Brad Scarbro, Deb Schenk, Christine Schlattner, Carolyn Severson, Linda Slater, Sooke Seniors, Steve Sorensen, Piska Stabel, Liz Stannard, Doug Strong, Julie Syrard, Laurie Szadkowski, Lisa Taylor, Patricia Timms, Jan Todd, Calvin L Tripp, Lambertus van den Berk, Yves Vanier, Jeff Walker, Sheila Wallace, Shawn Walsh, Adrienne  Wass, Sheila Whincup, Dragonfly Whispers, Kara White, Carol Whitney, Wildergarden, Caryl Wilford, T Woodward, Mark Ziegler, Anonymous (3)  … if we’ve missed your name, please let us know! We will add you to the list.

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