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DriveSmartBC: How to deal with a traffic ticket — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve never seen more aggressive police than in Victoria. They hide now and jump out at you on very busy streets. It’s crazy dangerous and unecessary. They hide where I work and they’ve jumped out at my line of traffic heading to Esquimalt.

  2. I agree with all this. In short: No officer of the law in canada woke up this morning hoping that you, Mr Roger R Bloggins drove past him doing half a km/h over the limit so he could finally nail you with everything at is disposal. No. It just isn’t like that. What happened was you knowingly or without knowing: broke the law. Apologize, thank her/him for their time, and take notes of the situation as you see it. He/she is taking notes of how they saw it..and they are pros at this. I figure if you abuse the law vocally: they should be able to give you another ticket and in many cases they can.

  3. I spent a day in traffic court. I pled guilty as charged, but pled extenuating circumstances, one day out of an entire driving record. The Judge understood.

  4. Huh… based on the speeds (and other idiocy) I see driving between Sooke and Victoria, I was unaware that police were still in the traffic enforcement business.

  5. Don’t forget to video tape them when stopped. Always their word against yours in court. Money making machine as they know most people will not hire a lawyer to represent and defend against a simple traffic ticket. The statement of adding to the ticket because of questioning them is an abuse of power as it would not have been part of the initial stop but more so a power trip and a “that’s what you get for taking up more of my time” video is the best defence and make police much more accountable for their abuse of power. Most have cell phone so as soon as you are in park start recording!!!
    Don’t let an ex cop tell you how to respond to a traffic stop. Really??

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