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DRIVING: Why driving slow in the left lane is bad — 6 Comments

  1. Some lessons for people in driving a basic road with curves would be nice, maybe they’d stop shutting down the road during rush hour 5 days or if the week.

  2. And if we could also have a chat with people who are trying bullying drivers in the slow lane….that would be lovely thank you!

  3. I was shocked when I 1st moved here from the UK, you not only get a ticket for being slow in the passing lane, but also a ticket for undertaking in the uk. nobody does it. it makes me feel so uncomfortable when people do either. nobody follows this rule as nobody seems to care or notice that they are doing it. Also i swear that because most drivers drive automatics (unlike Europe) this makes it easier not to pay attention because you have a free hand for texting, drinking coffee etc. even seen someone reading a book and doing make up whilst driving. so dangerous.

  4. But there are those who think its a race, if you drive fast you are allowed to stay in the FAST lane. If you go fast enough and are passing everyone and they think it OK to roar up behind someone who is in the process of passing. The commercial drivers license states that large commercial vehicles are not allowed to overtake and MUST stay in the slow lane. Ive been passed by fully loaded logging trucks going up Island.