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Earlier MVI Wednesday on Sooke Rd — 6 Comments

  1. Gillespie and Sooke road?? It appeared to be at glints or manzer and Sooke when we drove by? The vehicle in the pic was at the end of manzer road…

  2. Drove this stretch of road into Langford in the rain this am around 1030 just before this accident, it very slippery, BUT…there were 40 or so cars ahead all spaced out with 1-2 car lengths and travelling between 50-60 to adjust for road conditions . It was a very safe feeling to know everyone agreed to slow down and drive safely, no one was tailgating. 🙂 .

    Not sure how this accident occurred ,I guess we will hear details, it was a slippery day though..

    • Agreed that it is a good feeling to feel that the other people driving are paying attention. The speed limit on the Sooke Road is 60 kph in good driving conditions. Maybe there is a clue as to why there are so many accidents in the fact that driving the limit is considered “slowing down”. My claim to fame is that I have been driving that road for four decades. It must be a different experience for people new to the road. Us old timers remember more bends, fewer cars, lots of big commercial trucks and that 50 mph (80 kph)was the speed limit we ignored.

  3. I have a feeling at least one of the cars was from East Sooke. It is common practise there to cross the centre line on a curve. When driving a motor cycle it can be really scary! Saw a pu truck with dual wheels at the back cutting corners and a girl waiting for the bus had to jump out of the way. Came on people learn to drive and stop hitting other drivers!