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Earthquake and tsunami emergency system update — 2 Comments

  1. In contacting Chief Mount and staff we found out we didn’t have a full trained complement of Emergency workers in Sooke to fulfill an active disaster centre especially in the middle of the night as some of them live elsewhere.
    We also don’t have a Communications team to take our calls and to let the public know what is happening like the other Municipalities. We have a couple ham radio guys that don’t do anything until all other phone systems are down. Kinda too late then.
    Also the estimate of 4 meters above sea level? In Japan it went over 30 meters. Wrong information will just get people killed.

  2. There really was no communication on Social media from legit sources until it was to late leaving people to speculate. Also My father who is a senior and is not on the internet saw on the TV “Emergency Tsunami in coming Earthquake in Alaska seek higher ground” Of course they are going to panic. He drove all over town looking for a place, talked to RCMP they didn’t know. Went to a fire hall no one was there. He couldn’t even go to the bathroom nothing was open except Chevron and they had there door locked and wouldn’t let anyone in to use the washroom. We need better communication. I think they should have a muster point that people go to and have an informed person at that location to let people know..Hey you can go home there is no immediate danger. Just a couple people who are informed. In case of an emergency go here and have it open.