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EDITORIAL: Lies should not be the foundation of the future — 8 Comments

  1. Here’s an interesting statistic. Trump won with almost 2 million LESS votes (59.2 million) than Romney got in the 2012 election (61million), who was easily defeated by Obama (who recieved almost 66 million.) So, it looks to me like many Democrats, instead of voting, chose to just stay home. Like, 6 million of them.

  2. Great editorial Britt. I wish our Union employees would speak out without fear of reprimand! I only hear rumors but it does not sound like a healthy workplace with so many secrets and lies.

  3. PolitiFact like many other “impartial” groups were in fact on the DNC and Clinton Foundation payroll. It’s unfortunate that the thousand of documents released and being released via Wikileaks, Guccifer 1 and 2, the State Dept, Judicial Watch, the Panama Papers and the FBI are completely ignored. The Clintons & Assoc are criminals and hopefully will be prosecuted and imprisoned in the very near future. The Foundation is a pay 2 play org which does no charity work whatsoever as Secy of State Clinton was paid millions by terrorist states and corporations for access to the Obama White House. Wikileaks has proven they are also murderers and child sex traffickers as well as documented and known pedophiles and rapists. Millions of people around the world hope Trump will stick to his word and a Special Prosecutor will go to work asap. Hillary committed treason all the Benghazi emails prove this. I was a fan of Bernie Sanders and not Trump but he is imo the lesser of real actual evil. We have been spared from WWIII as well unless Obama decides to be very stupid in the final weeks of his terrible presidency.

  4. Helene, I’m pretty sure your values are not shared by the majority of Sooke, or indeed of Canada. Thankfully!

    • I’m stating facts I seek the truth as well and unfortunately the Dems chose Hillary over Bernie an honest and good man who was treated terribly and robbed of the Dem nomination which he actually won. There are still in courts throughout the US lawsuits about this massive voter fraud committed by Clinton and the DNC. This is the reality and if Trump is true to his word what has been known for more than a year amongst the online global community of award-winning journalists and private citizens will be common knowledge shortly. I suggest you read the Wikileaks the DNC Leaks and others you will learn a great deal. Unfortunately Premier Clark and PM Trudeau are playing similar games re pay 2 play and corporate access and agreements which support policies which endanger our coasts forests ecosystems waterways First Nations territories old growth forests etc.

  5. Well said Helene
    Unfortunately Canadians do NOT understand our political system or the American System. Both are very Corrupt and the fact that Hilary was funded by one of the sleaziest banksters and their ilk and as well is a part of the most powerful of money controllers in the world, should have us all on alert. Goldman Sachs owns and controls so much of the world and Hilary is one of his puppets to promote his financial powers of the peons. All elected leaders are subject to these powerful bankster moguls and we all want to be set free from them. They set the stages for all the laws pertaining to banking, insurance,mortgages and hold all the loans of all the nations. We are totally under the control of the bankster heiarchy. I don’t think any one person can pull us out from them , but together and when we are educated on the controls, perhaps we will better understand the laws and rules imposed on us. How about the change to the bank act in the 80’s when the banks were now allowed to loan out 100 times the amount of monies deposited. Shortly after came the opportunity to put your money into RSPs. that means for all the money you deposit for your future you can borrow 100 times that amount and thank you very much, you can also pay interest amortised over 25 years and pay back 100 times the amount you borrowed and you may live without the money in your RSP to save for your retirement. Seems backwards to me. How about you save your monies , buy your home and not pay the banks anything . Your RSP can’t be used to buy a home. Go figure.
    Did you know that the city of Toronto holds the same amount of seats as all of British Columbia. Your vote counts( really?)The National energy policy, brought in by the other Trudeau, was to stop the growth in alberta as they would have to give more seats to Alberta as per population. As Chretien said, that would never do. there is a need for political change.
    I think Americans voted hoping for political change as the status quo has increased their debt tenfold and their soldiers are all fighting in foreign countries for all the oil magnets and the banksters and if you did your research you would find many of the main stream banks are into arm manufacturing and neither Harper or the young Trudeau carrot at all. Arms manufactures in Canada are plentiful and send arms to any country in the Mideast and we look in horror as men, women and children are blown to pieces, their homes destroyed, their livelihood destroyed and our soldiers returning the PSD.
    Please someone make it stop. It wouldn’t have been Hilary as she was a part of it. I don’t know if Trump can or will but I do know that Hilary was a part of the problem for sure.