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Editorial: Sooke Council appointed temporary CRD Director and Alternate — 43 Comments

  1. So glad she is back and sorry that in this day and age she should have to deal with this sillyness instead of coming back to do her job she was elected to do by the majority of this towns people.

  2. OK just want to know what Councillor Kasper has going on with the CRD that he HAS to stay on? I know it is a paid position but really!

  3. Take a woman’s job while on maternity leave? You’ll be sleeping on the couch.

    • Bullies on council ? Her husband is the bully ! Waiting outside to beat up a counselor is pretty pathetic. Tait never got my vote last time and she certainly won’t again next election. Those tactics used by her husband has no place in our community, and all she had to say about was. ” I don’t keep him on a leash ” . What a disgrace !

  4. Good grief, what is this, the 1960’s? Welcome back, Maya, to your full job!

  5. Thanks for getting to the bottom of this. The appointment rightfully sits with the Mayor…lets get on about dealing with the important issues facing Sooke…welcome back Maja Tait.

  6. Mayor Maja Tait has my full support and should resume all the duties she held prior to going on Mat leave, including that of Director on the CRD board. Kasper has no right to that position now that Mayor Tait has returned.
    I am thoroughly disappointed with the actions of Kasper, and his council sidekicks, during the Mayors absence. I believe Kasper should stand down from council completely, and not just the interim CRD director appointment he tentatively holds and appears to be claiming as permanent! Some form of review, open to the public, needs to be held as to the disappointing and lacklustre performance of Council, as a whole, during the mayors Mat leave period.
    Lets be clear here, Council are elected by voters to best serve the needs of Sooke residents. This has clearly not happened of late!!

    Whilst the cat was away some of the mice certainly played!

    In short. Kasper needs to go as he is doing Sooke no favours.

  7. Can we please have a vote of no confidence and have Kasper and Reay tossed from council? They have caused more trouble over the past couple terms than good. Berger can go too as far as I’m concerned!

    • here here. Getting tired of Kasper and Reay making up new rules and bullying Sooke residents. They get my vote off the Island!

  8. Thank you Sooke PocketNews for expressing so well what should be obvious to all. There are a few council members who really wish Maja had not been elected and have done everything they can in the past months to undermine her. Welcome back Maja! You have been sorely missed.

  9. I am a little bit outraged that this is even a debate. Mayor Tait was duly elected by the people of Sooke, and when her rights as a human being, namely maternity leave, caused the need for an alternate for a short duration..that need was temporary. We need to return to the pre-maternity leave situation. As a ratepayer and a voter, I demand that any less is not democratic! Why would anyone want to pretend to be in any real office?

  10. Great journalism, Britt. And I appreciate and echo the sentiments of the many commentators who can so clearly see thru all the B.S. and are glad to see Mayor Tait back.

  11. Sooke Council can’t do any actions contrary to the Local Government Act. I am pretty sure I have read the Act correctly. It is plain written English and available on line. I refer to Sec. 198 and Sec. 200 in the current, 2016 version of the Act. As I understand it, once the municipal director and alternate are appointed by council and sworn to serve on the regional board, they hold the positions for the full term: four years from Dec. 2014 to Dec.2017. The person appointed municipal director might die, resign, or be disqualified (and somewhere there will be a list of how a director is disqualified that does not include ‘maternity leave’). If any of the three takes place, the alternate becomes the municipal director and a new alternate is appointed. Sooke Council can’t rescind the appointment of Mayor Tait as municipal director unless they can prove her disqualified. Not likely.

  12. And Kasper needs to go entirely…his arrogance and penchant for ‘weilding’ his power both behind closed doors, and while being interim Mayor is the perfect indication as to why. He and Reay both need to go.

  13. Fireworks in Sooke again at the Municipal Hall! Just read this article in the Times Colonist. Great to see the voters of Sooke standing up for right is right and confronting these elected government officials. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t more live protests in the near future that are organized online. There are a lot of shifty shenanigans going on in Sooke’s government right now, and the people need to rise up and protest.

  14. To me, this spells it out clearly. The Mayor’s absence was temporary and her designated responsibilities always meant to be resumed after her temporary mat leave. Unfortunately, the entire region has looked in on this and witnessed certainly the appearance of a proper maternity leave being leveraged into a palace coup. Some further probing by members of the Sooke community will reveal the co-conspirators. Until then, at least some good has come out of it with the AVICC resolution being passed. Welcome back Mayor Tait.

    • Deborah, they are held in Council Chambers. So, go to the District office on Otterpoint and then head up towards the fire hall. You will see two doors, one (facing) going into the fire hall and the other (on your right) going upstairs to the Council Chambers. There is also an elevator once you are inside the doors. -Britt