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EMCS joins forces to power-up the 10,000 Tonight Food Drive — 7 Comments

  1. Thats great !. Still wonder why sooke shut sooke disposal down for running the free metal drop off…all donated to the sooke food bank.
    Donations, fuel, time, etc. Shut down in 2 spots, along the highway from complaints ( where everyone puts their vehicles up for sale by the old “fathers”. Then shut fown on sooke river road…..insinuating that sooke disposal was running a transfer station and going through legal proceedings…just for having a metal recycle bin donations strictly to the sooke food bank.
    Go figure eh !!!!

  2. Ps….if anyone can consent.to this, the truth….please write a letter and send to sooke disposal office immediately ..addy on the website
    Have to add 1 thing.
    They did store 3 large 40 yard metal bins on their property 1 time.
    Because of a school function metal drive. But had no where to put them that weekend. So stored them on the 2309 sooke river road property till after the weekend…when the metal plant opened. But were unable to take them in untill tues/wed. Because of being hardworking busy bodies.
    Got a letter 15 days later from the alr. Running a transfer station again. Just to make the public aware 🙂