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Enhanced medical fitness testing for drivers begins March 2018 — 2 Comments

  1. There are many ways of looking at how to improve safety on our public roads. We often see photos of vehicles that have crashed through houses and shops, but those that involve senior drivers often get followed with negative comments. Strangely, other perpetrators who do the same thing are accepted as just bleeping careless drivers.

    There are certainly fewer seniors who find themselves doing what they shouldn’t do, because they are long past the years of being reckless. They are no less excusable than others if careless though. Statistics also tell us that seniors are no worse that average drivers.

    Meanwhile the government is ever eager for more revenue, and then finding ways to waste it, such as throwing it in the direction of more tests for those terribly dangerous senior drivers.

    I say get over it Victoria. If you do a little checking you will find that seniors mostly decide themselves when they should let their driver’s license lapse. Their years of driving experience reveals to them when a decline in their skills becomes evident. Often their doctor or relatives and friends will carefully give their opinion as well. There should be more discussion on this subject because age is something we will all experience and harassing seniors is certainly not necessary.