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Expect major delays through Sooke central again today — 18 Comments

  1. Over time & budget. Businesses ARE losing business. There may be some civil suits coming. People r so frustrated they were honking & yelling yesterday & I was almost one of them.

    • Not me – I talked to Western Foods, Shoppers, Fields, Cathy’s Cafe, Whiskers & Wags to name a few. Western told me they were already in the process with their lawyers & may make a class action lawsuit to include these other businesses to the District of Sooke, yes construction companies. Wish we could sue stupid drivers but they are not the problem here. I;m not talking out of my hat so assuming I that I don’t know what is going on is insulting if that was your tone – not sure. I don’t have a business, don’t need or want one. I am speaking up for the businesses in Sooke. Does that satisfy your curiosity?

  2. I would never give a flagger a hard time…I wouldn’t want their job for anything! HOWEVER, when you flag a car to come straight through the intersection and then yell at me to GO to make a left in front of it, I’m going to be more than a little p.o. Just saying…

  3. If you need to get to the businesses try walking or riding your bike. there are back ways into most places that can be accessed by bicycle or walking. There are bike racks in front or near many of them.

  4. Massive thanks for this warning; my new/old car will be in danger of stalling if much delayed, so I am going to bypass Senior Day and wait till next week (I hope) to shop. Thanks as well for the tips. Younger, more athletic people can probably manage 🙂

  5. Took me half an hour to get out of town today, I laughed when I saw yesterday’s article about how the roundabout was done! If this is done, were in trouble!

  6. Interesting the comments about class action lawsuit. Considering road construction happens basically everywhere and often has an impact on businesses. I am unaware of any successful lawsuits in BC over this issue. Even the Canada Line suit in Vancouver, which was based on some very specific circumstances, in the end failed.

  7. When will it be finished? What a nightmare! I could hardly even get out of town today, even the alternate route was total gridlock. I have no doubt that stores have lost business. I am a regular at Western Foods but I have avoided the place for weeks. When I would want to go, I think , no, it is not worth the hassle. Could they not work at night and get it done?? Hate to complain but it is getting ridiculous.

  8. Everyday the sidewalks are closer to completion! It’s already a great walk to get around town… easy for shopping, banking, store accessiblility is even better…park and walk… and its pleasant, wide, great for walkers, tricycles, wheelchairs, carriages and runners, too! Try it! The flaggers always make it a priority to get me across the street fast and safe. …just saying
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