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Feds lighten border measures as part of transition of the pandemic response — 2 Comments

  1. So why the hell invoke the war/emergency measures act on truckers and all Canadians stopping freedom of choice ,movement assembly and robbing money from people’s bank accounts? Does ghost make sense to you?

  2. I live in Sooke yet I can’t go to restaurants, to the new gym and can’t even go swim there anymore! I can’t go see my wife and stepchildren who live abroad and even thought they got a Canadian visa in their passport Canada doesn’t allow them to fly here to see me.

    Coercion is used by terrorists yet look at the shear level of coercion that’s been used against all of us!

    I love Sooke but I put my great job there as a carpenter on hold and left last February 1st and headed to Ottawa on my own. I’ve arrived here in the morning of February 5th and have been living in my little SUV since.

    Everyday I see older ladies coming to my car window deliver hot vegetarian food to me. I have had countless people of all age thank me for being there. Many people here who support us are from Eastern Europe were it used to be communism so they know more than anyone what is afflicting our country now.

    I’ve seen many people shed tears while walking here and seeing us living in our cars. When people ask me wereI drove from and I tell them I drove 4600km from Sooke to join the truckers in Ottawa they absolutely love it! It gives them a lot of hope that from everywhere accross Canada we’ve came to Ottawa to fight for our freedom.

    I’ve been to the front of Parliament many times and have never seen any swastika. I’ve seen tens of thousands people, thousands of flags and posters. I’ve seen no violence at all, only love, laughter, children playing, people shouting “freedom!”. I’ve seen many people cry, I did myself too at time.

    This protest could hardly be any more peaceful as it already is.

    The fact that the liberal government has enacted the war/emergency act to shut us down proves our point that our fight is righteous! Here the spirit is extremely high. I’m among many very courageous men and women who do not get intimidated by those squad of police officers patrolling around in the very least!

    Funny enough in the last few days we’ve seen our number grow which is great! We are prepared and resolved to stay here for months if needed and we aren’t scared of arrests or having our bank account frozen!

    I miss my wife and step children. I haven’t seen them since last May when I came back to Canada. I’m in Ottawa fighting for their freedom, getting rides of all these absurd mandates and open the way for them to travel here to see me. I’m here in Ottawa fighting for every Canadian future. Who are you fighting for? Come join us!!

    Here’s my instagram were I post some videos and pictures if interested: oliviersooke