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Feds propose increased consequences for impaired driving — 2 Comments

  1. I think its time to increase this penalty for sure, but I also think zero tolerence for drinking and driving is when things will change, maybe then less people will die. Lots of countries have zero tolerence and it works.

  2. Another in a series of bills the Conservatives are presenting in the hopes they will con enough Canadians into voting them into power yet again. The carrot and the stick. Why weren’t these bills brought up months or years ago? It is an obvious ploy and Canadians aren’t falling for their continuing bs playing out in crappy tv ads and by their various talking heads MPs and cabinet members. Harper is destroying Canadian democracy and I hope everyone will remember the destruction to the environment, the tar sands, muzzling of our scientists, treating environmental/political orgs/activists like terrorists, Bill C-51, Bill C-24, and so on. The NDP is ahead in the polls despite CTV News’ attempt today to use some Facebook postings to make us think otherwise. Vote out the Harper govt in the fall, restore Canada’s proud role in the world not as warrior but as diplomat.

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