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Fifth bear killed in Sooke — 19 Comments

  1. I have seen that people are leaving for the weekend and putting their garbage out on Fridays for Monday morning pick up. Now that is worst thing to do! Have a neighbor come over and take it out for you. Last time this was done on our street..garbage littered the whole area!

  2. Is anyone actually being fined? The conservation officer just needs to drive around on Sunday nights.

  3. And people still have BS reasons as to why they don’t fully secure attractants such as garbage and compost bins. It literally comes down to being lazy. That’s it. If you can’t properly secure things that attract large animals (or even raccoons, they make quite the mess) you are LAZY. It’s one of the easiest things to do yet people will still spout ridiculous reasons on why they don’t and claim that it’s “not their fault”. It is, being lazy is no one’s fault but your own. Take some damn responsibility and do the right thing like an adult for christ sakes…

  4. Shadow West Security says, I continually see residents with there garbage cans out in the street, in the early morning, with evidence that bears have found the cans.This has to stop!purhaps I should pass the addresses onto the Sooke RCMP.

  5. This is getting ridiculous deal with your trash and anything else that’s attracting them ….sick of people not doing there due diligence and then phoning reports in so they get the bears killed….

  6. As the community continues to expand, bears and humans are forced to live closer together. It is our responsibility to behave proactively and ensure safety in the community and coexistence for humans and wildlife alike. Taking a responsible approach to attractant management is a critical component of this goal.
    Wild Wise Sooke is a proactive conservation strategy that encourages efforts by all to reduce negative human-wildlife interactions. “Keep wildlife wild– and our communities safe”. ž

  7. Maybe it’s time for the city to make locking bins manditory.
    Yes it will cost us, the thing is, it’s already costing us and our wildlife a terrible price.

  8. This is disgusting! About time you starting charging those that are luring bears to a certain death – since that’s the only way you seem able to ‘conserve’ them – instead of just ridding the area of a bear! Could be fined MUST read HAS BEEN FINED – and fined heavily! Bear has been removed to another territory!

  9. We live in a mobile home park , we have many neighbours who leave they their garbage cans out where the bear has free access to it. Also bird feeders and putting their garbage cans out the night before pickup, which is Thursday. We have never seen conservation people around until there is a complaint. Conservation is probably not staffed enough to look after this problem. It’s hard to understand why people don’t get it, quit luring these bears with our bad habits. We live where the bears have been longer than us. We can all live together if we make an effort to.

  10. Really this is what your blming on people? How about the over use of cuttinng down tress that kills salmon the bears highest resource for food and how about the fact that there is too little forest for berries to grow the bears other soruce – I get that garbage put out too soon is a bad habit to keep bears & people safe but i think others issues are the biggest culpret here!!!!0