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Final days before the election — 2 Comments

  1. I would have liked to have voted for the Green Party but when I phoned their head office in Ottawa in the early stage of the war in Libya, I was told that they supported the idea of bombing in Libya. I have called their office because the last election was just about to take place and I wanted to know what Elizabeth May’s position would be on the bombing. I was shocked to hear them say that they supported bombing. They said it was either bomb or have another Rwanda. I spoke to several people from the Green Party’s office in order to make sure that this was their position and they kept saying the same thing. Bomb or have another Rwanda,
    I noticed some time later that Elizabeth May (when she was elected) that she voted No to “extending” the bombing in Libya. This was a welcome change but after trying to get answers from the Green Party as to why she changed her position, I haven’t been able to get a satisfactory answer. I was told that she thought the original bombing was meant to be a peace keeping mission. (When did peace keeping involve an extensive bombing campaign?) She also seemed to be surprised to find out that it was about regime change when in fact, if you follow the time lines carefully, anyone could see that Harper came out very early on in the conflict and said it was all about regime change. Most everyone knew it was about regime change. But apparently Elizabeth May thought her bandwagon was attached to some sort of peace keeping mission which beggars belief.
    Voters need to know how why she changed her mind from supporting bombing to not supporting bombing. We need to know that because we need to be able to predict how she will handle future conflicts.
    Her office repeatedly told me in the very early stages of the conflict in Libya that they supported bombing. She then changed. But why?
    I have spent twenty years or more of my life trying to understand what was happening in the middle east. The NFB featured my work for peace in a documentary. I’ve had direct support for my peace work from Dr. Noam Chomsky. I made several trips to Iraq to find out the truth.
    I do not feel comfortable voting for someone who is unpredictable.